Scottie Pippen: Accuser Called Me the N-Word and Spit on Me!

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Scottie Pippen, who apparently whomped a guy's ass Sunday night, is claiming he attacked the "fan" in self-defense after being called the n-word and spat on.

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The NBA Hall of Famer says he was outside Nobu in Malibu when the drunk, overly aggressive guy who had been badgering him all evening accosted him.

Pippen even agreed to take a photo with the man outside the restaurant, but the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well.

Scottie says he refused, only to have the man drop the n-bomb, shove him and spit on him - and his young daughter, at which point he lost it.

The victim paid the price, as he was subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with severe injuries to his head, face, and back.

While authorities are investigating the altercation, initial reports that they arrested Scottie Pippen as a result of this were false. He was not arrested.

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it's easy, don't complain but spit back.
............REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!


Another,rich,entitled 'ger playing the race card to get out of an assault and battery charge....typical sootback.Take a swing at me thug and ill put you into the pavement.

@ cuz imma bakkaball playa

Thats yy u mad???Youre so angry that he said he was called a n-word and you dont believe it like come on maybe he was..maybe he wasnt but yy wud he beat a man up like that in front on his daughter for just wanting a picture i believe Scotty!!

@ cuz imma bakkaball playa

Do they teach this race card shuffle at birth? I sware it's amazing. He takes a photo with a drunk then "Out of Nowhere" he calls him a nigger! I wonder if a Black burgular breaks into my house and I call him the "N WORD" can I even press charges after that?

@ Typical

Race card ho the fuck do you know that it wasnt said to him..if he was with his daughter im pretty sure he wouldnt beat up a fan for asking for a picture..that fan had to do something really bad which in this case was use a racial slur at him and spit on his daughter so yes he got a ass women..teaches whites that they cant say that

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