Robin Thicke Blasted by Critics for "Rapey" New Song Lyrics

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Robin Thicke has as an official hit on his hands with "Blurred Lines."

And an official controversy.

While the song has shot to number-one on the Billboard Hot 100, many are taking issue with its lyrics, with The Daily Beast leading the critical charge and accusing it of being too "rapey."

Among the verses generating criticism against Thicke is the following:

"I know you want it / You're a good girl / Can't let it get past me. I know you want it / But you're a good girl / The way you grab me / Must wanna get nasty."

Collaborator T.I. then goes on to sing about "these blurred lines" and how he knows "you want it."

The official unrated video, meanwhile, has been banned from YouTube as it depicts a number of naked ladies, leading to more charges against Thicke.

Listen to the track now and react: What do you think of the lyrics?


official hit? this song and video sucks


I really feel as though the putting the word rape next to his name is beyond irresponsible. As I stated in my blog, those that I call the “Vagina Bullies” are so quick to point out the “over the line” statements and assumptions of men as sick but refuse to recognize the actions and behaviors of the women. No woman deserves to be violated. But to act as if the woman’s actions in the song does not convey a thought of her wanting to engage, is pure idiocy. To grab a man’s genitals and not expect him to think that she is not interested in sex is naïve. Maybe that is what most women do, go around grabbing genitals and then engage in conversation about world affairs before heading to go home. How is that behavior acceptable? How is anyone able to dismiss this? They cannot, but the “vagina bullies” do and feel that women can do and say whatever they want to any man and not expect him to ASSUME there may be some action later. Now, if she decides not to have sexual relations that is her right and he is to abide. But this song is not talking about holding a woman down and raping her while screaming no, he is merely engaging in conversation, while she is groping him. Does this not raise eyebrows on her part, and how does his words get more attention? This attack on him is beyond irresponsible.


Thicke has been around for a number of yrs. It's kinda sad that he's only now getting attn. for having sexist lyrics to one of his songs. Also, there is NO SUCH THING as a "harmless" song. Every song has meaning w/ it's intended for good or bad.


Why does everyone like this song? Personally, I think it sucks ass.


don't be like sissies.
see it as a step forward in the right direction.

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