Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere: Who Died?

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What's in the trunk? Who is the Queen of Hearts? Is Ali alive?

Yes, it's safe to say the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere promised viewers of this ABC Family smash a number of answers... but were you happy with the ones it delivered?

Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer

We now know a dead pig was in the trunk, though that was merely set-up for what was found later near the car: the corpse of Detective Wilden.

We also know Wilden and Mona were both acting as the Queen of Hearts, though the question of Ali's existence remains the major thread left dangling after a very entertaining hour.

Among other issue on our mind after being taken back to Rosewood:

  • Did Red Coat set that fire merely to set the girls up for Wilden's murder?
  • Heck, did Red Coat even kill Wilden?
  • Is Red Coat actially Ali?
  • Can Spencer truly ever trust Toby again?
  • Will Officer Holbrook grow suspicious of the gals?
  • What is Mona's role in everything?
  • What WAS that headband thing on Hanna's head?

Sound off now and grade the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere:


yeah, what was the thing on her forehead :D


Get Your Facts Straight:
- Mona wasn't the Queen Of Hearts: It was Melissa
Also, your grammar:


Mona wasn't acting as the Queen of Hearts. Get your facts straight.


oh my fcking god. i cant believe that! i had no idea that they would have a dead PIG in the trunk... what the hell? like where did that come from?! and im not sure about mona either. i mean, why couldnt mona give hanna the tape? she probably took out some thing to make it not show the video. and WHAT DID HANNA'S MOM HAVE TO DO WITH IT?! some thing was aid about hanna's mom,but i cant remember. and you know what? ali has a twin. there was 2 ali's. notice how red coat looks like ali, but just a little bit different in the eyes. and, in a few of the flash backs, she had straight hair, and in others, she had curly. it was the same night they always flashed back to. she has a twin. thats what makes sense. but who else was that coming up from the dirt in the last episode? the one before the season premiere? and i dont know about toby. i really want him to stay. and stay the nice guy too. :'( if he leaves the show i dont know what i'd do. hes so hot........


This show is fun but to think any of these people in high school stretches the imagination too far. Cannot think of a high school on earth that would give credibility to these people. Nope don't okay the gangster card doesn't work in this who dine it.

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