Penelope Cruz: Bond Girl!

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Ladies and gentlemen (bust mostly gentlemen), your next Bond Girl: Penelope Cruz!

Yes, the sexy Spanish actress has signed on to play a Bond Girl in the as yet untitled Bond 24.

Penelope Cruz Picture

Before you think, "But she's too old to play a Bond Girl!," you'd better check yourself.

Sure, Cruz, who will be 40 when filming gets underway next summer, will be the oldest Bond Girl in history, but Daniel Craig will be 46.

Imagine that! An age-appropriate leading lady!

Cruz's husband Javier Bardem played the villain Raoul Silva in the last Bond film, Skyfall. For the record, he is currently 44 (that's way too old to play a Bond Villain!!!!)

Sam Mendes will return to direct the new Bond film.

No plot details have yet been revealed, but the film is expected to be released by 2016, perhaps sooner considering they already have a director and a supporting actress locked down.

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