Paula Deen RIPS Lisa Jackson Over Bogus Racism Allegations, Lawsuit

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Paula Deen has filed a blistering response to the lawsuit that is torpedoing her career, claiming Lisa Jackson embellished or made up her racism allegations.

Yes, Paula admitted using racial slurs in the deposition she gave, but remember that she has NOT admitted anything Jackson has accused her of.

Paula Deen is Pissed

Deen said, under oath, that she has used racial epithets in the past, in conversations with friends and family - never in a discriminatory situation.

She is fuming that Jackson, who was fired as manager of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House, is actually asking for damages based on racism.

Citing discrimination and harassment, Lisa Jackson claims she is "African-American adjacent" - her partner has a biracial niece, she claims in the lawsuit.

According to Deen, Jackson's niece is NOT African-American, but Hispanic.

Also, Paula is furious that Jackson alleges she used the n-word in connection with her brother Bubba's wedding, yet has never offered any proof of this.

Thus, Deen feels she was deposed in a lawsuit and forced to admit having used shameful - but quite possibly irrelevant - terms based on bogus claims.

As we know, in the wake of the scandal, she's been fired by Food Network ... and Walmart, Caesars, Smithfield Foods, Target, and (sort of) QVC.

The celebrity chef wants the case thrown out, and for a judge to throw the book at Jackson, fining her with sanctions for creating a BS harassment case.

Stay tuned ...

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Being from the south has nothing to do with using racial I know a man who was born and raised (white) who uses it i almost all the time and he is from Philly. but tell me what would you say when telling some one about the day you were robbed with a gun to your head by a black person * "Oh this sweet nice man of color put a gun to my head and said he would shoot me if i didnt give him all the money wasnt that nice of him")

@ Patty

Okay so you may not say they are the nicest person in the world but why do you have to call him the n-word? Again, two wrongs don't make it right!


she lost believe in the Klu Klux Klan.


Who cares? Of course nobody should use a slur in polite conversation. But many people use slurs. So what? Expect it. Ignore it. A slur is a slur and should not be used in polite conversation. But it is nothing to make such a big deal over. Remember, Paula Deen was born and raised in the south where the "N" word was widely used when she was growing up and is still used many years after the passage of the voting rights act by LBJ with the help of Everett Dirksen over half a century ago.


Fight back Paula!! This person is trying to take away everything you have worked so hard for. Who knew being honest could cost so much. Get good advice, this Lisa Jackson is up to no good!!


Get em Paula!!! It is about time she stands up against the idiot who is suing her. I didn't even know that the woman who is claiming racism isn't even a minority. Give me a freaking break!!!!!

@ Kellie

this link will tell you about Lisa T. Jackson herself. The media won't bother her until this goes to Trial , so we are doing the reporting ourselves. -

@ Kellie

that Means it must be true if the women claiming it isnt even black

@ ok

this link will tell you about Lisa T. Jackson herself. The media won't bother her until this goes to Trial , so we are doing the reporting ourselves. -