Paula Deen: Fired By Food Network Following Lawsuit, Racial Slurs

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Paula Deen may have issued an apology for using racial slurs in both her Savannah, Ga., restaurants and also ever in her entire life, but that wasn't enough for Food Network.

Probably because the apology was terrible, but hey, she tried??

Earlier today it was announced that Food Network dropped the butter-loving Southern Belle known for sending love and "best dishes" to her viewers.

Deen's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month. 


Deen, who made her mark on the Food Network with her sugary, fat-saturated foods, has faced quite a rocky couple of years, to say the least.

First she announced that she had been diagnosed with and battled diabetes and received backlash from critics for not modifying her unhealthy recipes. 

She went on to slim down with the South Beach diet before being slapped with a lawsuit regarding allegations of sexual harassment in her restaurants by G.M. Lisa Jackson.

While Deen denies the sexual harassment, she doesn't deny using racial slurs, and that, no doubt coupled with her skipped Today Show appearance this morning, landed her in hot water.

All of this has left her image and her career in the slop trough, and it was all too much for Food Network, with which she will no longer be associated.

It's going to take more than a pan of brownies to apologize for this one. She'll be serving up casseroles to everyone else while she eats Humble Pie.

It's a good thing she knows a thing or two about comfort food recipes, right? 

Talk to THG: Would you fire Paula Deen?


Never paid much attention to Paula until now. Don't care what she said or when. In this day and age to apologize in this Politically correct world is about the worst thing in the world. The media hates white southern conservatives and it's obvious. Paula you may have pissed some off but with your apology you have now pissed everyone off. Shows your weakness because the Mainstream media doesn't give a damn about you or what you represent. People need to wake up and understand that this Administration wants to destroy every sacred lifestyle. Do you hear Obama apologizing for anything? Hilliary for Libya? Holder for the IRS? It is social suicide to ever apologize through the media.

@ The South

you're ignorant


old fashioned Witch!!

@ abe

Old? If by chance your stupid ass lives long enough you yourself will get old you stupid f*ck.


ummm. America? freedom of speech? And yet another freedom infringed upon... again. May not be right what she said, millions have, but not in the public eye (ear)... sad she said it, had the freedom to do so, yea, right..... just sayin' ..... when ya live in a glass house....don't say it, if ya do, don't get caught. God bless America..... sigh...

@ goosedown

political correctness will ruin this country. our forefathers in the south made this country what it is today. that wasn't done by lazy a@@holes on gov't assistance, it was by hard working people. who cares if they said things that in today's world are deemed inappropriate. i support paula deen for being honest! good for her!


Paula please share you n, gay , Jew jokes with me . I love a good joke


and yet Al SHarpton still has a job! America and its diverse movement! Nothing like equality.

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