Paula Deen: Fired By Food Network Following Lawsuit, Racial Slurs

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Paula Deen may have issued an apology for using racial slurs in both her Savannah, Ga., restaurants and also ever in her entire life, but that wasn't enough for Food Network.

Probably because the apology was terrible, but hey, she tried??

Earlier today it was announced that Food Network dropped the butter-loving Southern Belle known for sending love and "best dishes" to her viewers.

Deen's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month. 


Deen, who made her mark on the Food Network with her sugary, fat-saturated foods, has faced quite a rocky couple of years, to say the least.

First she announced that she had been diagnosed with and battled diabetes and received backlash from critics for not modifying her unhealthy recipes. 

She went on to slim down with the South Beach diet before being slapped with a lawsuit regarding allegations of sexual harassment in her restaurants by G.M. Lisa Jackson.

While Deen denies the sexual harassment, she doesn't deny using racial slurs, and that, no doubt coupled with her skipped Today Show appearance this morning, landed her in hot water.

All of this has left her image and her career in the slop trough, and it was all too much for Food Network, with which she will no longer be associated.

It's going to take more than a pan of brownies to apologize for this one. She'll be serving up casseroles to everyone else while she eats Humble Pie.

It's a good thing she knows a thing or two about comfort food recipes, right? 

Talk to THG: Would you fire Paula Deen?


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racism is alive and well in america, only it is back's racism. as long as everyone kisses their a## everything is ok. surprised there isnt a class in first grade that teaches whatever blacks say and ask for give to them. it would be refreshing if more blacks would come out and support paula deen. for all she has done for many black people, as documented all over the net, i am shocked that very few are coming to her defense. pathetic.

@ SoReal

I hate to be the one to cast darkness but...... You will never see the day when a Black supports a white. It's just not in their DNA. Although whites with a Paper Asshole between their cheeks will travel to the end of the earth, pimp their mother on the street at any possible chance to wash any fragment of racism from them. It's a popular thing right now to present your phony self in that manner.


at least she had the guts to admit she'd said it unlike most people in the spot light who deny deny deny! Imagine having something you said 20-30 years ago in passing used against you now! awful! And this is coming from an Australian!


This is the world we live in. Illegals vote, the government targets tea part members and whites apologize for everything.


I feel bad for Paula I really do but I truly don't believe that the punishment fit the crime here. I don't condone what she the past nor do I believe she even realizes why she had to say it in the first place. But, she is a woman of,a particular age and happen to be from an era where those feelings were unfortunately the "norm" so I don't fault her, it really was the environment that she was around and she never grew out of that and learned to see people as equals. I don't wish her any ill will, I do however believe that most people in public life have done and said far worse, and have gotten off with no more than a slap on the wrist.....but then again, those people I was referring to were all men...whereas Paula is an older lady, Hate to say it but I smell ageism as well as sexism on a certain level. Paula should be able to keep her job.

@ Marianna

I agree with the age prejudice and sexism. It reminds me of the Martha Stewart case. Also, the truth is, many racial slurs are made against whites all the time and nothing is ever done about it. Someone commented that whites apologise for everything. How sad.


Paula I know you don't need any of those blogs to support you. They are just pure scary even to read. The food Network needs to see you are a honest person. You have number supporter and the percentage of people are all groups. I wish those who refer to one group as bottom feeder would own their eyes and see where they are. They are the low class group of people in our world. There is a certain level that think they are better, but really they are a low common group. Where association is minimum. Their thinking about others is so unmatched with how they think. Like they reference their explanation to associate differences with rappers and means that is certain group of peole, and misconceptions about our world and those voting for our President, and using examples like
carjackers to reference a certain group of people and like that is saying Jay Z , and Black people comments that they us the owords in songs, and their ignorance about what is considered okay and not okay. Paula tell them please don't help you. Some even said they respect Paula more now. Paula like I said be you and go to court and win your case. It doesnt matter what was said and it doesn't matter because you have apologize to any one who you affended. There is no color or race, you have expressed remorse, so there. Please allow Paula back on the Food network . Thank you!


I can't be fired from my job because I'm retired, but all members of my family better watch out in fear of being arrested sine we use both versions of the N word pretty much on a daily basis. Singing out loud in the house or car to Jay Z, 50, Kanye, and whom ever is playing


I can't believe a white woman is the one who is suing her for being racist. This same woman was also a hard luck single mother who Paula assisted in getting on her feet when she was down and out. Ignorant redneck. This is why no one helps anyone anymore, because people like this idiot woman show their appreciation by suing you. Well I remain a Paula Deen fan and I hope Paula counter sues this unappreciative beyotch for slander. I also expect Oprah to speak up in support of Paula.

@ SoReal

Until NO ONE can use the N word, it is ridiculous that anyone should care who uses it. It is hypocritical to say that only blacks are allowed to use it, and not only use it, but be allowed to put it in music. Then, when a white kid at school uses it because he hears it on the radio, he gets expelled. This world is screwed up. Since when did the country start allowing ghetto trash to lead our country? Bring back manners and dress code and prayer in school!!!!

@ SoReal

You are 1/2 right. I most certainly believe that a white woman pulled this stunt. As long as you have whites that sell their soul as so so so many have done (Liberals) this is not surprising. The whites are the ones using the race card in order to have leverage for their own agenda. You can't even find the time to defend yourself against any other race as long as these simple minded, materialistic Caucasians are riding the others coat tail. This country is to busy looking in the distance when the ones right under their noses are the snake that bites.


Why on earth would Paula Deen ever feel it necessary to apologize. The trash that is spewed by networks such as NBC with their editing of Zimmermans 911 tapes!!! Now that is something that affects a hell of a lot more people. Conservatives such as Paula are targeted constantly. The Food Network should be boycotted just like the Hetrophobes tried to boycott Chick Fil A. The nextworks can lie their ass's off and not a word is said about any of it. Paula don't ever say your sorry to a bunch of race baiting unemployed government "BOTTOM FEEDERS" who do nothing but milk the system in between carjackings. All this kind of news does is make honest working clean living people more determined to close the door on any kind of solution.

@ You kidding?

Agreed ! If Paula is not on tv again then I'll never watch that food network who made millions and have the nerve to fire our Paula ! SHAME OF YOU FOOD NETWORK !!!!!!!!


Shame on the food network. Who hasn't used the N word or other derogatory words on occassion. Anger and fear brings out those things sometime. We are all human. Her interaction with people of all races speaks louder then a few misused words.

@ judy

i agree. political correctness is out of control. wondering when oprah or other black celebs will come to her defense. you better believe if it was a black celeb, it would almost be expected fro white celebs to come to their defense, or THEY would appear RACIST!


I am a big Paula Deen fan and think her being fired from the Food Network is so lame. She isn't a racist. Rappers use the N word in their music to make a profit for God's sake! Paula gets punished for being honest about using the N word?? Give me a break! If a black man put a gun to my face I think I would have some choice words for him, too!