Paula Deen Apology: Posted, Removed, Vague and Really Awkward!

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Just hours after she bailed on the Today show, Paula Deen issued a bizarre statement regarding her use of racial slurs, only to promptly yank it off YouTube.

It's the weirdest, least sincere-sounding apology ever. See for yourself:

With an edit after almost every sentence and frequent stumbles over words, this "apology" achieves the rare feat of leaving Deen's image worse off than before.

Rather than explaining why she used racial slurs in the past, which she admitted under oath in a lawsuit deposition - she just says she's really sorry.

For what? You wouldn't know based on this video! She doesn't say.

Clearly, some PR team (and not a very good one, mind you) threw together a script and had her read from it, rather than letting her speak from her heart.

The result is Deen looking ridiculous ... neither sincere, nor apologetic, nor capable of understanding what the heck she even wants forgiveness for.

It was taken down shortly after it was posted, but as we know, nothing can truly be axed from the Internet. Her PR people could be axed, however ...

One assumes this was filmed in response to the controversy that arose over a lawsuit against Deen, who is accused of discrimination in the workplace.

A former employee said Deen made racial slurs against her; Deen denied the allegations of the lawsuit, but admits she has used epithets in the past.

And to think, there was a time when the nutritional content of Paula Deen recipes was the most controversial topic associated with the Southern chef.


Smh,she should know that she has to watch what she says and does when in the eye of the public. Well look at the bright side some school cafeteria will become much better if things go further south


I wish the media would concentrate on really important things instead of something a woman in the South said many years ago. It's a disgusting word, but it's just as disgusting when I hear it in rap songs or black people talking to each other. This just is NOT news.


I've read the WHOLE story on this. What she admitted to was using racial slurs LONG ago, when it was rather commonplace among whites in the south to do so. Quit making it sound like she did this recently. She didn't!!!

@ Frogmore

amen brotha

@ Frogmore

Fraid not. This is the world the media and liberals created. They have been "gag ordering" whites for years in case you haven't noticed. To ask for this to change is like asking the sun to rise in the west. All the cooking show and talk shoes and not one coward will come forth and have a dialog about where this force fead insistence of rocking the axis of America will lead. Naturally anyone that has an IQ over 10 will tell you it will lead to more resistance. Nothing including this class warfare will stay the same. It will all come to a head.

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