Paula Deen Apology: Posted, Removed, Vague and Really Awkward!

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Just hours after she bailed on the Today show, Paula Deen issued a bizarre statement regarding her use of racial slurs, only to promptly yank it off YouTube.

It's the weirdest, least sincere-sounding apology ever. See for yourself:

With an edit after almost every sentence and frequent stumbles over words, this "apology" achieves the rare feat of leaving Deen's image worse off than before.

Rather than explaining why she used racial slurs in the past, which she admitted under oath in a lawsuit deposition - she just says she's really sorry.

For what? You wouldn't know based on this video! She doesn't say.

Clearly, some PR team (and not a very good one, mind you) threw together a script and had her read from it, rather than letting her speak from her heart.

The result is Deen looking ridiculous ... neither sincere, nor apologetic, nor capable of understanding what the heck she even wants forgiveness for.

It was taken down shortly after it was posted, but as we know, nothing can truly be axed from the Internet. Her PR people could be axed, however ...

One assumes this was filmed in response to the controversy that arose over a lawsuit against Deen, who is accused of discrimination in the workplace.

A former employee said Deen made racial slurs against her; Deen denied the allegations of the lawsuit, but admits she has used epithets in the past.

And to think, there was a time when the nutritional content of Paula Deen recipes was the most controversial topic associated with the Southern chef.


One last note......I wish Paula Deen success against the money-grubbing plaintiff & hope our f@ck#d-up legal system will be reformed soon.


Being fired for using racial slurs in the past is akin to being jailed for admitting to jaywalking in the past. It's cool until it happens to you.

@ Buzz+Kill

on what planet s it that you get your "facts" buzz? nobody was fired for using racial slurs in the past.


A lot of crazy blogs. Anyway, I like you and the people trying to explain what they think is appropriate to explain are messing you up. Anyway our world has changed so. So yes we need to be sensitive. And I applaud you Paula for realizing we all need to grow. Now we can all grow toward learning and you are really a wonderful person. So, like I said I will still buy your product, because I like you and your pots, stop apologizing. Lady. Rose


Listen Paula I like you. You be you. I love your pots and I planned to buy more. Love ya!


blacks only voted for nghr obama because he was BLACK! Blacks owe whites an apology for that as well as the abomination known as affirmative action as all it has done for decades is deny white males job opportunities that they otherwise WOULD have gotten.

@ yup

No different than the Mayor of Washington, D.C. always being black. Sad but true - only whites aren't allowed to publicly state it.


she now only thinks like a rcist?


I support her even more now I know she is a real person


come on people everyone has and still does use slurs mostley the ones who complain are the ones who use the word the most that all they call each other, but to fire her for this is so stupid she had the best show on the stupid channel i still like paula and what they did is not fair how come its only the white people who get fired when this happens but the blacks and hispanics and the gays can say what they want becauce the are obamas core voters,stop trying to make this a perfect world it will never be its getteing like cuba people turn you in for saying something they do not like


i don't use it...cause i was a teenager when all the riots were happening in schools...& my grandaddy always said colored people...which i find more appropriate especially with all color...BUT NO ONE should be persecuted for the use of this WORD as long as the colored folk continue to use it. You can not tell me with rightous indignation that it is insulting & hurtful to you if part of society uses it but not another "THAT" my friend is raciest.l!!!! Southern Born Southern Bred not predjudice but Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN


How come no one ever complains about the rediculous stereotypes that of whites especially Jewish women are portrayed in movies like white chicks or Undecover brother that all we do is eat gobs of mayonnaise, primp, shtup & shop!

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