Paul Thomas Mitchell Astounds, Breaks Down on America's Got Talent

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Look out, John Mayer.

Paul Thomas Mitchell was introduced to the world on America's Got Talent last night, sharing both his story of personal triumph and an original song... and leaving judges and viewers in absolute awe.

The 20-year old was abandoned by his mother and dealt with a drug-addicted family, but he poured every ounce of that story into his rendition of "My Life," breaking down as panelists heaped him with praise.

“I wanna come and hug you!” Heidi Klum cried, meaning Mitchell has pretty much already won.

Watch his audition now and compare it with another early AGT favorite: Anna Christine.

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Wonderful song I really find his story inspirational and I hope that one day I can play guitar like you. I cant wait until he releases songs for sale cuz I'll be one of the first to buy them


I'm just wondering if you know of a way for me to contact this wonderful gentleman...his song was so inspiring especially at this time in my life where everything is turned upside down and well I would just love a copy of the whole song...I will pay whatever is needed...its just so beautiful!!!

@ Mary Ketchersid

His Instagram and twitter is @yreahpauly

@ Mary Ketchersid

Ditto :) Someone just get the kid into a recording studio, pony up the dough to get his single made, and then watch.the profits roll in. Anyone happen to have a sparerecording studio?

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