Paris Jackson Transferred to Hospital Where Michael Died

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Paris Jackson was transferred to UCLA Medical Center Saturday night, effectively ending the 5150 psychiatric hold that began after her suicide attempt.

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That facility is the same one where her father, Michael Jackson, was pronounced dead four years ago this month following an acute Propofol overdose.

As you're likely aware by now, 15-year-old Jackson was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday after she allegedly cut her forearm with a meat cleaver.

A purported Paris Jackson suicide note was found at the scene, though it's unclear; the youngster is believed to have been battling major depression.

She was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold, effectively keeping her at a local hospital regardless of her condition or desire to leave, for 72 hours.

That three-day period is now over, so the troubled teen was moved to UCLA Medical Center. TMZ photos showed Jackson being wheeled yesterday.

No word on her status, though the mood of her security team suggested that Jackson may be doing better after what can only be called a tragic week.

The Jackson family, of course, is no stranger to UCLA Medical Center, where Michael was taken after he went into cardiac arrest on June 25, 2009.

That's where he was pronounced dead, after Dr. Conrad Murray - who left Paris a bizarre pay phone "letter" this week - refused to call it at his home.

As for the King of Pop's daughter and her long-term prognosis, a custody judge has since ordered an investigation in a bid to ensure her well-being.

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I'm so glad to hear the custody judge is finally having that investigation done. The way that family is fighting over Michael's money is truly a disgrace. Those poor kids have been traumatized beyond any thinkable conditions. I'm truly ashamed of the way even Katherine has allowed this to happen to her grandchildren knowing full well how Michael felt about his kids and family. As for Debbie Rowe Michael never wanted her in or to have any part of his kids lives. Although I do understand Paris had no one else she could reach out to. Debbie has her own issues although at least she's being receptive to Paris and may be a life line for the girl. Hopefully this will be a good thing and not bring Paris more heartache.


It's very doubtful that Paris was treated in the same room as Michael since he wasn't treated he was pronounced DOA. In which case would have been done in the ER. If you remember the EMT's said goofy ass Conrad Murray refused to call it at Michael's home and only a doctor can call a death. Paris was transferred therefore she would have been admitted into a room that was reserved for her. There's a big difference between the conditions for entering that hospital.


She is hardly "treated in the same room", since she is not in a physical critical condition. It's a big hospital. Supposedly she will meet therapists etc, while her home situation is looked into.


Keep those monkeys away from those kids!


people won't believe this.


Paris Jackson needs real guidance. My heart goes out to her, last year she was manipulated to pose with French scam-artist Julian Rouas to promote the illegal Jackson Tribute Fragrances (dis) honoring her dad. Bravado won the court case against Rouas and the Jacksons, but they still continue to sell these infamous perfumes as (Joe) Jackson perfumes... Read the shocking details and see the sickening pics... Google up: the jackson tribute fragrances scam