Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt: Triggered By Prince Michael Paternity Bombshell?

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Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt came after she was told she does not have the same biological father as her brother Prince, according to a new report.

Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson

The alleged revelation by the Sun (UK) says that she knew Michael Jackson "could not be" her natural dad, yet believed she and Prince had the same one.

Paris Jackson believed Debbie Rowe was their mother and an unnamed man their dad, but if this report is to be believed, she's learned this is untrue.

She was just recently given the news, the Sun reports, to prepare her for harsh grilling during the $40 billion Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

A major identity crisis followed, along with a string of devastating fights between Paris and Prince, 16, and eventually led to Paris' attempt on her life.

Whatever the reason, Michael's only daughter has plunged into depression and is still in an L.A. hospital. She OD'd on Motrin and cut herself June 5.

A family friend said of the paternity bombshell:

“Paris has always wanted to believe Michael was her dad, but was aware that wasn’t really the case. But she was convinced her and Prince were full siblings."

"She always idolized him. Hearing she wasn’t started a downward spiral.”

She's said to be feeling better but will stay in hospital for up to 30 days. She will then spend more time with mum Debbie, 54, at her ranch in California.

Paris Jackson is said to hate the “circus” that is the Jackson household, but she remains close to her guardian and grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

There have long been reports that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children, and a series of men have claimed that role. 

The most frequently mentioned name is Dr. Arnold Klein, MJ's doctor and friend, who's even admitted giving the late King of Pop a sperm sample.

Another Jackson friend, Mark Lester, says the same thing, while numerous others - including Macaulay Culkin - have been rumored by the tabloids.


Sperm/egg donors are not always released. Even name given by hospital may refer to someone resembling actual donor. Some hospitals dad worked at keep no record of donors. We love you where-ever you came from. Gift from GOD like every other baby.


I hope Paris will be alright and realize, it isn't blood that holds us together. It's our hearts.


paris hang in there sweetie. you are beautiful and your dad loved you. be strong.


Macaulay Culkin? C'mon...The kid was barely 18 years old when she was born...


Whats new? Anyone in their right mind knew mj wasnt the biological father! Come on! He was a weirdo! Truth hurts dont it fans!

@ patty

I don't know how does any chair in your trailer park feel when you have to find a place for your good year blimp sized ass to sit down. Better yet, ask the scale that you almost never use. Now that's real truth...can ya swallow that?


he is the next one to go?

@ abe

Shut up Abe!


Rubbish. Debbie, Debbie's custody lawyer and Michael have all stated MJ is the biological father. Prince has vitiligo just like Michael did.

@ Ashley

I don't believe there is an ounce of black blood in those children. Both light skinned, blondes with straight hair. Everyone knew from the start that MJ was not, never the bio dad. I have distant relatives who are mixed and they are different shades of black. But they all have the same type of hair. These two older ones are white, and Blanket is part Tahitian....and God knows what else....

@ critic

Have you ever actually met a group of mixed kids? I grew up with mixed sisters, the oldest was whiter than I am with curly blonde hair and the youngest was much dark and had straight brown hair both had mom's green eyes. Their little brother, however, took completely after dad, very, very dark skinned but had reddish hair-that he got from his dads side. At this point damned near everybody is a Heinz 57 mix, gotta little bit of everything. Looking at the kids skin and hair doesn't tell you a damned thing.

@ critic

Fool. He is not the father of those 2 white kids. Prince looks just like Arnold Klein. None of the children look like Michael, nor do they have any black traits.

@ Ashley

you must be joking. everyone in that family AND Debbie Rowe all know MJ is not the father. That is why so much time and money has been spent on motions in limine to exclude that fact from being introduced by the defense in the ongoing trial against AEG.

@ netsurfer

You all need to know what you are talking about before you post. I am the mother of three sons whom are bi-racial. They are all a beautiful, golden tone, two of the three have my green eyes, and they all have different hair. My oldest has my hair texture, my middle has kinky hair and the youngest has softer, wavy hair. The oldest has brunette hair and the two youngest have golden colored hair like mine. So yes, it is possible to have children that look like Michael's and be bi-racial. Please research facts before you post your ignorant assumptions.

@ Wisdom

Well said Wisdom, and if you look at Paris it does look like her hair has been relaxed and straightened in some pictures.

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