Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt: Triggered By Prince Michael Paternity Bombshell?

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Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt came after she was told she does not have the same biological father as her brother Prince, according to a new report.

Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson

The alleged revelation by the Sun (UK) says that she knew Michael Jackson "could not be" her natural dad, yet believed she and Prince had the same one.

Paris Jackson believed Debbie Rowe was their mother and an unnamed man their dad, but if this report is to be believed, she's learned this is untrue.

She was just recently given the news, the Sun reports, to prepare her for harsh grilling during the $40 billion Michael Jackson wrongful death trial.

A major identity crisis followed, along with a string of devastating fights between Paris and Prince, 16, and eventually led to Paris' attempt on her life.

Whatever the reason, Michael's only daughter has plunged into depression and is still in an L.A. hospital. She OD'd on Motrin and cut herself June 5.

A family friend said of the paternity bombshell:

“Paris has always wanted to believe Michael was her dad, but was aware that wasn’t really the case. But she was convinced her and Prince were full siblings."

"She always idolized him. Hearing she wasn’t started a downward spiral.”

She's said to be feeling better but will stay in hospital for up to 30 days. She will then spend more time with mum Debbie, 54, at her ranch in California.

Paris Jackson is said to hate the “circus” that is the Jackson household, but she remains close to her guardian and grandmother, Katherine Jackson.

There have long been reports that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children, and a series of men have claimed that role. 

The most frequently mentioned name is Dr. Arnold Klein, MJ's doctor and friend, who's even admitted giving the late King of Pop a sperm sample.

Another Jackson friend, Mark Lester, says the same thing, while numerous others - including Macaulay Culkin - have been rumored by the tabloids.


They should all have paternity tests done.for at least their peace of they can really know the truth...


i love paris jackson

Monica mailman

I think a paternity test would be in order. Because she is clearly not from 2 white parents. I have a feeling that this is another story made up to sell papers. Yes, Prince has his skin condition and Blanket looks like Michael-those eyes. However, why does that preclude Paris from being a sibling? She has startlingly lovely eyes and clearly comes from a mixed race background. If her father was that British actor or any of the other ones she would not be dark. She would be as white as Debbie. Why doesn't Debbie Rowe come out and put an end to this foolishness.


Actually, Paris is the only one who isn't Michael's biological child. Prince has to be Michael's because he was diagnosed with vitiligo (the same skin disorder Michael had) from Michael, which comes from his father's side of the family. Joe said so himself that even his aunt had it. Blanket (Prince Michael Jackson II) looks just like Michael when he was a child and they had a DNA test done on him and it proved that Michael was his biological father. If you see his baby picture, Blanket looks exactly like Janet when she was a baby.


I think she and Prince have the same father. They both have traits from Arnold Klein.


Oh God! im getting a lot of mail abt this BITCH!!!! ....i think she is doing all this for more fame!!


Paris is a beautiful girl.It really shouldn't matter if Prince's dad was hers or not. Just accept the fact, Michael wanted you here..she is a blessed child, and move on! Do you know how many kids are born into poverty.....


And who gave you the right to scare my family?
And who gave you the right to scare my baby, she needs me
And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?
And who gave you the right to take intrusion, to see me?
And who gave you the right to shake my family? Tell me --WHO?


So did paris jackson die or is she still alive ??


Mmmmm anybody else think Blanket is an alien or possibly artificially created....kinda creepy.

@ Gnkifcbb

Kind of mean..Blanket is a beautiful child. We won't know how creepy you no picture is posted here!!

@ Nelly

Blanket is Michael Jackson's biological child.Blanket inherited his straight hair from Michael, his mother Katherine, and M.J.'s father Joe.Both M.J.'s mom and dad are black, Native American and white.Katherine is Chocktaw Native, and Joe is part Native also. michael's dad, Joe, has bluegreen eyes. Blanket looks just like Michael when M.J. was little, except without the AFRO.Type in " Blanket is Michael Jackson's biological son."

@ inca

Inca, how old are you? I asked because you sound really, really unintelligent. Michael, his mother or his father DOES NOT have biological straight hair. Michael's hair that he wore in his later years was a wig. Furthermore, most African Americans (a VERY HIGH percentage) has AA, native American and white ancestry. Michael's family is NOT unique whatsoever in this aspect. And how can Blanket, as you say, "inherit" Michael's "straight" hair and then go on to say that he looks like Michael "except without the afro"? Michael's afro was comprised of his NATURALLY CURLY textured hair.
All of you people are trying EVERY EXCUSE IN THE BOOK to prove to YOURSELVES that these kids are Michael's. Has it ever dawned on you that he might not have been as honest and forthcoming as you wanted him to be? Michael wasn't a saint and he had his fair share of hell raising demons in his mind. His self loathing ran deep. He had MAJOR issues. These kids, in no way, shape or form are his. If any of you see a hint of "DARKNESS" in Paris it is ONLY due to her having a tan.
Yes, Michael raised those kids and they ARE his in that aspect. But, if you believe the lie that Michael has planted in your head about them being his biologically then you are fully fooling yourself. He has maxed FOOLS out of you all. And THIS is coming from a full fledged MJ fan.
And, YES, I can still be a fan and NOT believe everything I see and are told. I'm no fool.

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