Paris Jackson HATES Justin Bieber, Says He Sucks as Role Model

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Paris Jackson is not a fan of Justin Bieber, and we're not just talking about "Beauty and a Beat." She says he's a terrible role model for his young fans.

Michael Jackson's troubled daughter totally HATES the Biebs, according to reports, because he wouldn't speak up about teen girls cutting themselves.

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Justin Bieber in Stockholm

Currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a meat cleaver and OD'ing on 20 Motrin, Paris resents that Justin won't do more for young girls.

Justin's female fans often tweet about cutting themselves as a display of love for him, and rather than trying to talk them out of it ... crickets from JB.

Paris was also less than impressed by pics and video of Justin Bieber smoking weed in a hotel and thinks he's a "disgrace" who sets a bad example.

And last but not least, she lives in his Calabasas gated community and joins the growing chorus of celebs fed up with his dangerous driving actions.

She's not the first to play the role model card in criticizing Justin. Ian Somerhalder called him out last month over his monkey. So we gotta ask, THGers:

Is Justin Bieber a good role model?


He is a typical teenager! What The Fuck! These girls are just asking for attention, cutting there self for love? I think not. Maybe he is not saying anything because if you don't have anything nice to say don't say shit! Hints the "crickets". Yeah he is a good role model!

@ TiffanyNicole Mangis

Yeah, and why is it, exactly, that rap artists can smoke weed all they want and nobody says a word (think Snoop), but the moment Bieber does, omfg..he must be evil? I sense a double standard here. As for the driving it was already made apparent that the only instance to hit the news was with a friend driving and not him. Even were it not the case, everyone has stories at one point or another (at least guys) of driving is how it is. As for saying something to the supposed 'cutter cult' .... seriously? They are obviously mentally unstable, do you really want to say something? That's the job of the parents and possibly certain govt agencies to deal with. It's not his place nor is it advisable for him to get involved.


Justin actually was invited a couple of years ago to a memorial of M.J. by Paris. While he was there, they seemed cold toward him particularly Prince and Basket who are not very charming. they acted snutty toward Justin when he reached out to shake their hand. see the video on you tube.


Let me add that the cutting for Bieber thing was exaggerated; the people shown in the phony site were not Believers. they were fakes mentioned as Believers. Those Believers that actually did that to themselves out of stupidity were only a few.


She has been reading and believing too many overblown and false stories in gossip sites about Justin who has just been vindicated in that speeding incident; he was not the driver and the claim by a King Levi about friendship with him and the parties. Also, Justin is not a good role model but her favorite rocker is? Who simulated cutting himself on stage the other day and smokes pot?

@ ivan

You calling them stupid will give more people another reason to try it themselves- try building them up to give them a reason to live.


When a 15 year old child tries to commit suicide, they are in no position to judge another. Paris should deal with her own demons first.

@ ShadowZ

I'm sorry, but just because Paris cut her self she expects Justin to speak out about it. Maybe he has nothing to say because it's such an emotional topic for him. Didn't his mom do something like that when she was young? I'm not judging though, I love Pattie. Also, Paris just recently overdosed on motrin!!! Who is she to judge?? SMH




I agree and disagree with Paris' alleged feelings towards Justin.If some of his fans tweet to him that they're cutting or otherwise harming themselves in order to stop him from engaging in wreckless behavior and Justin does nothing about these messages that he receives,then he's wrong for that. He should let them know that he's not going to stand for it. However,I don't find him responsible for their self-harming behavior.I used to cut myself,and I know that there were times when the emotional pain that I experienced was too much for me to handle,so I took it out on my left wrist. Justin's not making them cut,but he hasn't publically shown that he's against it.Maybe he privately contacted some of these cutters,but in this age of transparency,I doubt that he could've done that without the media somehow finding out. But who knows?Maybe
Also,with the weed,he's nobody's parent. He could engage in any dangerous behavior and still not be responsible for other people doing the same. He bears no responsibility over what others do.


Dear Paris, If you want to cut yourself and scare the beejesus out of your family, there's nothing a pop star can do about it or anyone else. Take responsibility for your own life.


I'm a Justin Bieber fan.. wait no. I'm a Belieber, a Belieber since 2009. Yes, Justin Bieber is one of the most famous people in the world. He started becoming famous at a very young age, too young in fact. The paparazzi are always around him, guys give him a break! He's 19! I would literally punch all the paparazzi in the face if I were him, and I'm a girl. He's got put through soo much pressure and stress, he doesn't even see his family or old friends anymore. This is what the society has done to him. He's just a human being, nobody is perfect, not even Justin!
Ok, so girls are cutting for him. What if he doesn't know? Let's face it, loads of fans have cut for their idols, but kept it a secret. And let me be the first to say, out of 40 million Beliebers, how will Justin notice those specific fans who cut? Does he read more then 20,000 tweets or comments a day? Of course not! As I said before, nobody is perfect, and some people have to admit that.
I'm not saying Paris Jackson is wrong, and I really do appreciate the fact that she cares about Beliebers. It's Justins life, he chooses and he learns for his mistake. You may disagree with me, but this is all I have to say.

@ Emma

I would also like to add this. Please watch this video which will make you understand more, I couldn't control my tears.
Belieber for life. @Asdfgh_Dreams


wow so if you cut yourself, you're a role model... Justin cares about his fans , but as a teenager , he make mistakes but that's normal for a person with his age

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