Paris Jackson HATES Justin Bieber, Says He Sucks as Role Model

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Paris Jackson is not a fan of Justin Bieber, and we're not just talking about "Beauty and a Beat." She says he's a terrible role model for his young fans.

Michael Jackson's troubled daughter totally HATES the Biebs, according to reports, because he wouldn't speak up about teen girls cutting themselves.

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Justin Bieber in Stockholm

Currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a meat cleaver and OD'ing on 20 Motrin, Paris resents that Justin won't do more for young girls.

Justin's female fans often tweet about cutting themselves as a display of love for him, and rather than trying to talk them out of it ... crickets from JB.

Paris was also less than impressed by pics and video of Justin Bieber smoking weed in a hotel and thinks he's a "disgrace" who sets a bad example.

And last but not least, she lives in his Calabasas gated community and joins the growing chorus of celebs fed up with his dangerous driving actions.

She's not the first to play the role model card in criticizing Justin. Ian Somerhalder called him out last month over his monkey. So we gotta ask, THGers:

Is Justin Bieber a good role model?


I think that Justin is a Great role model. I mean Paris loved Justin Bieber. Now that she is in a mental institute she says he's not? Well neither is she. Look at her now. She isn't so great herself.And she really shouldn't be worrying about Justin Bieber. She should be worrying about herself and where she is now. And btw Paris your father wasn't a very good role model at all!!!! Everyone worrys about Justin smoking. That was ONE TIME. Michal Jackson did drugs ALL THE TIME!!!

@ Belieber'09

Regardless. Justin Bieber never was a good kid! I know all of his friends from Stratford. He was a bully. And quite frankly he's an immature prat.


I guess the fact that the whole 'fans cutting' things was just a PRANK started by the 4chan website & had nothing to do with Justin OR his fans doesn't matter to Paris? I doubt Justin cares what Paris thinks... he's a celebrity because of his own accomplishments... he's not just some curiosity for being related to someone famous. This child needs to stop worrying about the 'celebrity' world & learn how she is going to deal with her father's fame AND with his infamy. She won't get to choose what part of his legacy she wants to hear about. If she's going to court the media's attention, she can be guaranteed they will pay attention to every thing she does & not only when she wants the attention. In 3 short years she will be a legal adult & not simply the underage daughter of a famous person.... she'll be subject to even more scrutiny than she was as a child.


Paris should be more concerned about herself and not worry about whether Justin is a role model. Was her Michael Jackson a good role model? Hell No!!!!


I agree with Paris on this one. I hate Justin Bieber too and he is a terrible performer and has no talent. Let's hope that he loses fame and popularity soon. I am sick of hearing about Justin Bieber. As much as I love Michael Jackson and his music, he wasn't the best role model either.


Yeah her dad was a great role model blowing more little boys than Jerry Sandusky could dream of.

@ Sancho

Your hatred for this kid who admires M.J. is typical of those who know next to nothing about him. He is one of the most charitable celebrities according to an article you could google. As to his talent, millions , especially those who have been to his recent Believe tour, completely disagree with you including prominent people in the music business such as Simon Cal, Will. i. am, and others.


Well, Justin Bieber isn't a what's he know of girls being stupid enough to cut themselves. Role models are the parents, the Bieber is merely a singer!(And he's sure a better role model..than a Marilyn Manson!! We'd sure be in a lot of sh_ _ if we saw Michael Jackson as a role model(sorry Paris but he was a screwup), but he had great music. Simply that, a great performer... that once and a while would do something good, when not being totally weird, like "We Are the World", moments of sanity in Michael's insane life!!

@ Nelly

Girls didn't say they cut for their parents honey. It was because Justin is a weed smoking douche bag who needs respect.


wth Paris is the one who goes to marilyn manson he's a better role model


We all make mistakes. But Paris is NOT a role model either! Leave him alone. No one gave her the right to hate him that has nothing to do with her. Justin Bieber's side forever.

@ Tamra

You sound stupid

@ Briana

She is stupid. Most of Justin Bieber fans are stupid, immature, uneducated tween and teenage girls who have bad taste in music.


Love the Bieber! It is sad when girls cut themselves. Ladies just love yourselves and get therapy.

@ Franci

I did not know I was under 12 and stupid. I am a guy in my 30's who is intelligent enough to know malicious writers in gossip sites such as TMZ are out to trash this kid-obviously, Paris has been influenced by them as you have.


he is just another stuck up kid with a mom as Sugar daddy who wants to look tough, mean & risky to deal with, haaahahahahahahahahahaha!!

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