Paris Jackson HATES Justin Bieber, Says He Sucks as Role Model

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Paris Jackson is not a fan of Justin Bieber, and we're not just talking about "Beauty and a Beat." She says he's a terrible role model for his young fans.

Michael Jackson's troubled daughter totally HATES the Biebs, according to reports, because he wouldn't speak up about teen girls cutting themselves.

Paris Jackson Image
Justin Bieber in Stockholm

Currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a meat cleaver and OD'ing on 20 Motrin, Paris resents that Justin won't do more for young girls.

Justin's female fans often tweet about cutting themselves as a display of love for him, and rather than trying to talk them out of it ... crickets from JB.

Paris was also less than impressed by pics and video of Justin Bieber smoking weed in a hotel and thinks he's a "disgrace" who sets a bad example.

And last but not least, she lives in his Calabasas gated community and joins the growing chorus of celebs fed up with his dangerous driving actions.

She's not the first to play the role model card in criticizing Justin. Ian Somerhalder called him out last month over his monkey. So we gotta ask, THGers:

Is Justin Bieber a good role model?

Da vincian

"I like this girl!" "Paris Jackson is a genius!" Sadly, comments like this means her life is doomed, since it means Humans are going to began to worship her to death just like they did her Father!.


I like this girl!


Paris Jackson is a genius!


Meant to say lots of ppl ,my fault .


Well this is something the media is actually interviewing Paris Jackson right from the hospital bed ,so this came straight from the horses mouth right?.Surrre it did and if this happens to be true what's the big deal?, lots if ppl hate him even grown ass ppl ......looks like PJ is the next victim of a non stop media circus just like MJ was.


JB is the next Lindsey Lohan! They deserve eachother.

@ unkown

LOL So true!


Funny how the blog chose this pic when Paris has been sporting a bob. It shows her looking as if she is looking down at someone. It also sets up a conflict that really does not need to exist. Shame on the reporter for this.


Here she goes running her mouth again.

@ DJ

Not really! Really??!!!!

@ Nelly

Actually this was spose to be for unkown!!


I personally never seen Justin talk about the fans cutting themselves for him. I even saw one fan go as far as pretending they cut his name into their arm[ it wasnt blood it was ketchup] I say kudos to my dear Paris for this because justin acts like his better than everyone. He should try and be a better role model.I have strong faith and feeling Paris will work on herself and help other kuds who have issues


yah, ryt... lyk paris is good rolemodel her self! lmao

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