Paris Jackson Described as "Depressed," Distraught Over Father's Death

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A day after Paris Jackson attempted suicide at her home in Los Angeles, a source close to the 15-year old tells People she has "been very, very depressed for a while."

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The daughter of Michael Jackson slit her arm many times with a kitchen knife and also swallowed up to 20 ibuprofen tablets, according to multiple media outlets.

And these are extreme examples of the teen's recent behavior, says the magazine insider.

"She's been throwing fits and tantrums, kicking and screaming and cutting herself."

With the four-year anniversary of MJ's passing coming on June 25, the source explains that Paris "misses her father greatly" and adds:

"She was the center of Michael's world and it's all different now. She says that she is lonely and that she doesn't feel loved."

Jackson has been stabilized at a Southern California hospital and is "physically fine," an attorney for Katherine Jackson said yesterday afternoon in a statement.

One story alleges that Paris was pushed over the mental edge when she wasn't permitted to attend a Marilyn Manson concert on Tuesday.

"Some of this is normal teenager things, hormonal changes. But now it's serious," concludes People. "Paris has said that there is something missing in her life. This is a cry for help."

Let's all hope she gets it.


She's just a kid! Leave her alone!!!


A mother who never wanted her and took money for having her, then a bunch of nuts raising her. Get her out of the spotlight into a loving home where she is protected from the money seeking family she is a part of. Even though we all know Michael more than likely did not father her. She has to be totally screwed up with all that is around her. She is a beautiful young lady who deserves some kind of normal life. Marilyn Manson is not a part of normal and her mother is anything but a loving caring person. This is what happens today when you think about yourself and have children, many grow up completely lost. Do you ever think about their future or only the moment?


Send her to me ...ill care for her and love her as she was mine...she and her brothers are deeply affected by their dads death...then the guy comming fwd saying micheal molested him dont help....i feel bad...its not the kids fault for this mess! Paris please get wouldnt want this....


Who is Bobby Christina? I never heard of him.

@ joenamherst

@joenamherst Bobbi Kristina is the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown


That is so sad that she is distraught over her father's death. I am sure it was so tough for her to lose her father. And she is such a pretty girl too! May God be with her:)


I feel so terrible for this girl as well as for Bobbi Kristina, two very young very lost girls trying to navigate thier way through this bullshit called life. It's a shame they're underneath the,spotlight and can't grieve and breakdown quietly around those who truly love them and have thier best interests at heart.


What's missing is people who care more about her than money. Hope this young girl can get the help she needs.


What did you expect??? This is a travesty. Leave these poor kids alone. This young woman is beautiful and has had soooooooo much to deal with all her life. How would anyone of us like to be brought into this world the way they were? All this nonsense about MJ over and over. These kids can read, and watch TV and I am sure hearing about MJ's past is overwhelming as it would be to anyone of us about our parent.. Now she is expected to testify and relive all this crap about her father's passing???? And why is the birth mother back in their lives? I knew that was trouble right from the beginning...How do you tell a child like these how and why there were born. Disgusting! These children are beautiful and need to get on with some sort of normal life. I wish their grandmother and grandfather, aunts and uncles would stop being do damn greedy and making it all about money they did not earn. These kids come first. Sickening....My prayers are with those kids.


get those kids out of that house of unevolved monkeys!


wat were u thinking

@ Philiswa

you're fucking disgusting.


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