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Game of Thrones? More like Game of Throats!

The HBO epic did it once again last night, shocking viewers with events on a penultimate episode.

On Season 1, it was the death of Ned Stark. On Season 2, the battle of Blackwater. And on Game of Thrones Season 3? It was a bedding... and a betrayal.

Game of Thrones Scene

Yes, Lord Frey very much had the last laugh against Robb and Catelyn, following a broken oath and what he believed to have been the ultimate act of dishonesty.

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Pia Zadora was arrested Saturday on suspicion of domestic battery after police responded to calls about a disturbance at her Los Vegas home.

Pia Zadora Mug Shot

The 61-year old singer/actress was taken into the Clark County Detention Center and released after posting $4,000 bail.

While details are still coming in, we can confirm Zadora was booked at around 11 a.m., approximately six hours after the cops stopped by her residence.

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Remember Sophia Grace Brownlee? The 10-year old British rapper who shot to fame on Ellen along with her cousin Rosie?

They covered such pop hits as "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Starships" while appearing on the talk show and garnering serious YouTube hits.

But Sophia has now left her relative behind and embarked on a solo career that has kicked off with the official music video for "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun."

Will it go viral? No doubt. Is it a tad disturbing, considering the age of the singer? Oh yes. Watch now:

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And then there was just one.

The well-reviewed and highly entertaining Iron Chef Tournament of Champions came down to Michael Symon and Jose Garces last night, two worthy competitors vying over a single title and a single surprise item:


Yes, a pair of culinary experts were asked to use an everyday ingredient such as this in all their dishes.

Tourney of Champions photo

But the results were delicious and creative. Pretzel-Crusted Sweetbreads? Pretzel Bucatini with Sea Urchin Foam? Pretzel Stout Ice Cream?


As for who actually came out on top? Hit up our friends at Food Fanatic now for a detailed Iron Chef review of the finale!

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Charice Pempengco - a Filipino singer who was discovered by Oprah off YouTube and who has guest-starred on Glee and judged the Philippine version of The X Factor - confirmed a rumor yesterday:

She's gay.

The 21-year old said she's now estranged from her family and then actually apologized to some fans after making the announcement (below), but she then added:

"To those who can accept me, thank you very much. We are all equal, whether you are gay or straight.”

Let's just hope there are a lot more folks in the latter category than in the former.

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Tonight’s Mad Men was another episode mostly about the differences between Pete and Don.

This season has really been hitting those differences hard on the noggin, so something is bound to happen to resolve that tension.

"A Tale of Two Cities" is played out over a backdrop of the Chicago riots at the 1968 Democratic Convention. Mad Men has been employing this tactic - using real-life political unrest to highlight the uncertainty and turbulence in the characters’ lives - very heavily all season.

Joan Mad Men

So what exactly is the personal uncertainty and turbulence? Well, it’s plentiful.

While Don packs up to head to California with Roger and Harry, the unwavering instability of the new company continues.

Joan scores an accidental meeting with a man at Avon, Ginsberg lashes out against Jim Cutler, and Bob continues his creepy quest for relevance.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off season 5 with a "Garden State of Emergency" - and we've recapped all of the ignorance and attitude in our THG +/- review.

The Housewives return to the Jersey Shore to witness the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Entire neighborhoods are destroyed and as someone who spent summers at the Jersey Shore, it is heartbreaking to witness.

Teresa Looks Confused

Of course, it's a little hard to shed any tears for these women as they tour their once opulent vacation homes. Minus 15. As Caroline points out, there are real people whose only homes got swept away by the storm.

Teresa laments how she could have "drownded" if she'd been there. Plus 10. It's been a long time since I've heard a Teresa-ism.

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At least one good thing has come from the Amanda Bynes arrest. For Amanda Bynes, anyway.

The actress confirmed to TMZ today that she has undergone a nose job, something she Tweeted her desire for nearly as soon as her mug shot went viral.

Amanda Bynes, Post Arrest

"I have no bandage on," Bynes told the site the day after the procedure, which took place Saturday in Manhattan. It's healing on it's own like my doctor asked."

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The Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers is mourning the loss of its own this weekend.

On Friday, Tim Samaras, his son Paul and co-worker Carl Young were among nine who died when a tornado made its way through El Reno, Oklahoma.

Carl Young and Tim Samaras

Samaras founded TWISTEX, the Tactical Weather Instrumented Sampling in Tornadoes Experiment, and that company released a statement on its Facebook page in light of the tragic news:

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