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He'll be back ... well, at least one of his iconic movies will be. Sort of.

A reboot of The Terminator will hit theaters on June 26, 2015!

Terminator Poster

Paramount, David Ellison's Skydance Pictures and Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures are partnering on the reboot of the franchise, reports indicate.

The Terminator reboot is, obviously, intended as the first in a trilogy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger starred and James Cameron directed the first film, which was released in 1984 and has spawned three successful sequels.

It's not clear what role, if any, the actor will have in the reboot. Schwarzenegger hasn't signed on to the untitled new film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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QVC isn’t dumping Paula Deen, per se, but they are so on a break.

Both parties posted letters to the public on Thursday in the wake of the celebrity chef's racism scandal, explaining the nature of their future relationship.

Paula Deen Smile

President Mike George wrote in his statement to viewers, “We owe you an answer. We too are troubled by what Paula has acknowledged saying."

"We’re also troubled by the allegations against her. We deeply believe, as you do, that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.”

"We have talked with Paula and her team extensively over the last several days, and have considered what is best for our customers, for Paula, and for QVC."

"For now, we have decided to take a pause.”

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Demi Lovato is featured in the latest issue of Fashion Magazine.

And, as usual, the young star holds little back in a revealing interview that touches on her past of partying, of pretending to be someone else and of how The X Factor has changed her life.

Demi Lovato Fashion Cover

As we continue to send our sympathies on the death of Demi's dad, here are excerpts from her latest Q&A:

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George Zimmerman’s murder trial enters its fifth day Friday as both sides try to establish exactly what happened the night he killed Trayvon Martin.

Every last detail could be the difference in whether he is convicted of second-degree murder or a jury buys his claim of self-defense and lets him walk.

This was never more apparent than when defense attorney Don West grilled prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel, the last person to speak with Martin.

West pressed her during cross examination on what he implied were inconsistencies between her testimony and earlier depositions she gave to police.

More witnesses are set to appear today and receive similar scrutiny from the state and the defense. Watch the Zimmerman trial live stream below:

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A beardless Duck Dynasty brother seems almost blasphemous, but Alan Robertson, the oldest son of Phil and Kay, is joining the hit reality show in August.

Alan, 47, looks a bit different than his younger siblings. Take a look:

Alan Robertson Duck Dynasty Photo

The clean-shaven Alan, as the above image makes abundantly clear, tends to dress in nice business attire rather than the camo his brothers favor.

“Their beards are so iconic,” he told the New York Post. “All this time I’ve been flying under the radar; I can go to Starbucks and get Mama coffee.”

So who is Alan, and why's he coming on board the series now?

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Thank goodness. It had been way too long since Alec Baldwin had gone off on a reporter.

The actor - whose infamous paparazzi run-ins include an alleged racial slur attack and a heated confrontation on the streets of New York - at least kept his rage relegated to Twitter yesterday.

But he did indeed rage, after The Daily Mail’s George Stark accused Baldwin's wife, Hilaria Thomas, of Tweeting through the funeral for James Gandolfini.

Alec Baldwin, Wife Photo

Along with simply denying the charge, the ex-30 Rock star Tweeted away last night with the following, largely homophobic messages:

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After the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday, Chick-fil-A president and chief operating officer Dan Cathy was not happy.

The Wall Street Journal Cathy reported that Cathy Tweeted, then quickly removed, an anti-gay marriage statement following the landmark DOMA verdict.

D. Cathy Tweet

The Chick-fil-A exec called it a "sad day" for the U.S. and that the "founding fathers would be ashamed" at such disregard for the "cornerstone of strong societies."

The court ruled that DOMA, which barred the U.S. government from recognizing same-sex unions, even in states where gay marriage is legal, is unconstitutional.

Following the decision, the SCOTUS also dismissed Proposition 8, California's same-sex marriage ban, clearing the way for gay marriage in that state.

Cathy, who famously made headlines last summer for saying his company supports the "biblical definition" of marriage, quickly voiced his displeasure.

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We interrupt your daily dose of Miley Cyrus Twerking, Kim Kardashian baby gossip, Chris Brown scandals and other topics to bring you something decidedly non-controversial:

A baby kitten drinking milk and wiggling his ears! On video!

It's unclear where the mother cat is, but for whatever reason, this cutie drinks milk from a bottle, wiggling its ears adorably in doing so and making us just melt inside.

If this doesn't bring a smile to your face, check your pulse:

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The Heat generated the wrong kind of heat across the Internet a few weeks ago, as star Melissa McCarthy was Photoshopped down to a smaller size in at least one movie poster.

As for the film itself? Will it leave viewers out in the cold?

Read through these White House Down reviews, compare them to what critics are saying about The Heat, and decide which movie to attend this weekend now...

The Heat Poster

Give these ladies a genuinely smart, funny script -- and give McCarthy more to play than what has become a tiresome tomboy shtick -- and there's no telling what liberated heights they can reach. - The Washington Post

The cookie-cutter plot might have worked if the jokes were good. - The Toronto Star

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Taylor Swift is beloved by millions, but to the Westboro Baptist Church, this is emblematic of the fact that our society is going straight to ... you know.

“This girl is a whore,” Ben Phelps, the leader of group said in announcing the WBC's plan to protest her August 3 concert in Kansas City, Missouri.

Taylor Swift Curves

The WBC called Taylor “the whorish face of doomed America” in a press release, and Phelps explains, “She’s widely loved. She’s got huge approval ratings.”

“What she’s famous for is hopping around from one bed from another. This girl is a whore. Who else is gonna say that if it’s not the church of the Lord Jesus?"

Imagine if this guy saw Miley Cyrus Twerking.

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