Mark Frauenfelder Rips TSA For Telling Daughter To Cover Up

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Mama bears are known for being vicious protectors of their children. Father and founder of Boing Boing Mark Fauenfelder just found himself a new nickname: Papa Bear.

Frauenfelder took to Twitter and his Boing Boing blog after receiving texts from his daughter about the TSA agent's "glaring" at her and then barking "COVER YOURSELF." 

Mark Frauenfelder Daughter

Frauenfelder's 15-year old daughter was traveling with a group of friends on a college tour when a TSA agent decided to play morality police and shame the teen for her attire, seen in the picture above.

The incident, which left the teen "humiliated and shamed," prompted former Babes in Toyland bassist Maureen Herman to write an entry on A is For about the sexism and shaming the girl encountered at the hands of someone who went beyond the boundaries of his job. 

There's no doubt TSA agents see crazy things all day long, but maybe they should learn to restrict their comments to, oh, I don't know, issues of safety and security and not leggings as pants.

We get that they lost their invasive full-body scanners and maybe they're a little bummed about that, but leering at teen girls and shaming them for traveling in comfort? That's a little outside their pay grade and job description. Best leave the parenting to, you know, the parents.

Otherwise, be prepared to suffer the backlash.

What do you think, THGers? Was the TSA agent out of line?


Hmmm... This story sounds a little fishy. I feel like the father isn't saying something. As someone who flies cross-Atlantic flights fairly often, I highly doubt any TSA agent would permit themselves to shame a young girl for her clothing. However, you never know. I just wish to hear both sides of the story.


When you go through security you are required to remove jackets/cover ups which means she wasnt wearing the plaid shirt she is wearing in the picture. If a 15 yr old girl is wearing a skin tight shirt and pants then she does need to cover up. However, it isnt the place of the tsa agent to say so

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