Leyla Ghobadi Tweets at Kim Kardashian: Blame Kanye!

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Leyla Ghobadi has come out and directly addressed Kim Kardashian.

Yes, after spilling her scandalous guts to Star and claiming she slept with Kanye West in the past few months, the Canadian model has taken to Twitter and given Kim the world's most half-hearted apology.

Leyla Ghobadi Picture

“Sorry,” Ghobadi wrote. “Maybe I went about this the wrong way but how else am I meant to get thru?"

The 24-year old added: “I am NOT the bad guy in this situation, nothing more 2 say.”

But then, naturally, she said more.

In light of Kanye denying the affair, Ghobadi went ahead and doubled down on her story.

Via Radar Online, she now says West "was aggressive in his pursuit“ and: "I admit I didn’t have to do it – I got caught up in the situation. I used to idolize him.”

And if you believe the rapper over the model?

"To the haters –u don’t know s**t about the situation," Leyla Tweeted. "Everyone else who’s being supportive; thank you.”

Do you believe Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian with Leyla Ghobadi?


Your comments: LOL just so everyone knows, there is NO SUCH THING as a 'model' from Vancouver or Montreal, Canada that looks like this girl hahaha. Who's she model for? Girls gone wild? She does not look like a run way model either.There's not even any real models in Canada I'm sure, not where this girl hangs out atleast. I just seen a post by her saying "what I make in a night you couldn't make in 10 years" hahahahah.. Making all that money 'modelling'? Hahaha. She's an ESCORT. Yes a girl who has sex for money, Canada (ESP MONTREAL-VANCOUVER) is filled with young dumb girls with fake boobs and lots of money that claim to be 'models' but they're really just escorts. Hahaha.

@ Liberty

I'm from Montreal, and I actually know people who know her. She's NOT a true model. She doesn't do runways and I can assure you, she does NOT have any Montreal modeling agency under her belt. She claims she's a model because she posed in her underwear, pictures she actually paid a photographer for. (Fail!).
She works in a spa and as a waitress in a bar downtown. And I was told she talks shit a lot.

@ Liberty

I couldn't agree more!


It's Karma, Baby, Simply Karma!


I know kanye is ma dog en all en I respect the hell outta his music but ill be danmed if he ain't out de doin different ladies every night. u feel me, he's a guy so what do u expect. Its just nature .


It's funny why does he feel the need to defend this but not when Kim called him gay?? things that make you go hmmmm! I got that from Tim's blog http://allaboutleylaghobadi.blogspot.com/ He has already spoken to Leyla and has the interview up already and she even has pictures and text to prove he was cheating On Kim! Leave him Kim!


So...that anorexic-looking airhead Leyla Ghobadi says that Kanye is to blame, huh? Oh, gimme a fucking break already!!!!! Kim Kar-Trash-Ian is no angel, but, Leyla herself is NOT entirely blameless. Leyla ought to remember that the next time she decides to sink her HO-like hooks into a male celebrity. Stupid bitch.

@ jaybird369

How does she know what the rules are in Kanyes relationship, or even what their status is?
Its totally his fault.

@ big+daddy

Dude...you're right. And, let's not forget...Kanye is such a MORON!!!!! Yo...big+daddy...Peace. Take care.



@ abe

Shut up Abe.


A rapper constantly have groupies he might not cheat with this girl but I do think he have cheated with some other girl. Kanye West with his Mistress Model Leyla Ghobadi Photos Revealed here http://tinyurl.com/Kanye-West-Leyla-Ghobadi


Please!! Kim has never aplogized to Amber Rose for breaking up Kanye and Amber. Kanye's other ex's have complained of the same issue. KIM PURPOSELY GOT KNOCKED UP FROM A LOSER WHO ISN'T/Wasn't her husband. Kim should of never taken a relationship based on lies,deception,lust too seriously.


Whether kanye did it or not why would u tweet Kim just to add insult to injury. Leyla is a deformed bag of bones who needs to understand that whoever climbed on top of that skeleton body of hers she needs to keep it to herself cuz that is not "Breaking News"


I have never trusted him... For the fact that he doesn't show much concern makes me worry

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