Leyla Ghobadi: I Banged Kanye West While Kim was Pregnant!

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Leyla Ghobadi says she does not want to "destroy" the Kardashians. But she has no choice.

After all, if she were pregnant with a rap star's baby and the world thought he was loyal and loving and prepared to be a father… she'd totally want to know what she admits to in this week's Star:

Ghobadi slept with Kanye West while Kim Kardashian was pregnant.

Kanye West Cheating Claim

The totally believable story goes like this:

Ghobadi, a Canadian model, was picked out of the crowd at a Kanye concert in Atlantic City last July.

After being taken backstage by the celebrity's entourage, West invited Ghobadi back to his hotel room, but she refused to go because "it was too rushed."

But Kanye gave her free tickets and a backstage pass to the following night's show and once again made a sexual advance.

When she showed concern that he was dating Kardashian, West “told me that [his relationship with Kim] was for publicity and nothing serious,” Ghobadi told Star, adding naturally:

“We began to make out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex."

Ghobadi says a second rendezvous took place in NYC in October... when Kim was knocked up with West's child, but was away in Miami.

Once news of the pregnancy went public, however, Ghobadi says she pulled the plug on the affair. And why is she coming out with the bombshell now?

"If were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know."

NOTE: Star is the same tabloid that has run for years with the story that Michael Girgenti is the father of Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason. So you may wanna take this latest allegation with a grain of salt the size of Kanye's ego and/or Kim's baby bump.

NOTE: Kanye has denied any and all aspects of this story.


IF this is all TRUE, then Kim better WAKE UP to the fact that Kanye is NOTHING to want even for a date, regardless if he is the father. Kim better make her OWN DECISIONS instead of letting her SEX CRAVED mother tell her what to do. Kim is an ADULT so act like one, and you should take responsibility for yourself and your unborn child. Why can't you act like a respectable woman & mother to be. You are NOT a child anymore, so it is time that you LIVE on your own, and QUIT running to your MOMAGER. Kris makes her living from SUCKING the money out of your three ladies. Let her make it on HER OWN, and not off heer children. Kris Jenner is
a *PIMP*.. All three of your girls/ladies are ADULTS, and if Kourtney doesn't want to marry Scot t, then Kris Jenner should MIND HER OWN business. Afterall, Bruce Jenner seems to be getting his FILL of her ruling the household and family like a *GESTAPO*.She is FORCING herself into your lives, and I sure do PITY the new addition that Kim will be bringing into this world. Kim, make sure you are the MOTHER of this little baby, and NOT let Kris Jenner tell you the WHATS and WHYS of having your first newborn. If you have ANY questions, FOR GOD'S SAKE, ask Kourtney. She should be WELL EQUIPPED to give you ALL the answers that you NEED, not your BLOOD SUCKING momager.


I believe this pathetic story. Truth is Kimye should've just been a drive by. And now it looks as though they are gonna be nothing more than bitter Co-Parents! Sad. I hope Kanye catches crabs from this other chick too.

@ My Two Cents.....

Crabs too? What other chick did he get crabs from?


Its all publicity..... kim can't make a good porno right now.....gotta keep the name in the news...Kanye is the Micheal Jordan of Major League Baseball....maybe, MJ did play double A ball so IDK.....


This girl is a HOE, who does that. She just met Kanye and she is already havin sex with him, how many other guys hav she done it with. Hope they used protection. What goes around comes around, someday she would meet and fall in Luv with a man, and someone would come along and do the same thing to her. Her parents must be so proud of her. SLUT.

@ Binky

Wait a minute, hold up! You're making it sound as though Kanye had no say in the matter, when it was He who pursued him in the first place. Why else would this chick have sold the story to get her 8 maybe 10 grand. All for a measly 15 minutes of fame. So don't make it out like she's was just a slut....which is true. But Kanye is the bigger slut for pursuing her. And she was just smart enough to capitalize on it. Like a good manipulative witch would. Peace :-)

@ My Two Cents.....

Nice come back


Well... Everyone KNOWS kanye is a LOOSE CANNON, at best! He has anger-control issues, narcissistic personality disorder (or so it appears!) and a little bit of meds might be helpful to him!
The part I find funny it the quote about dating Kim for "publicity" since kanye so publicly rants that "I don't give no shit about what the record company wants"! I could see KIM in it for publicity and obviously it back-fired on her, if true. But where does the "surprise" pregnancy come in??? Questions we may NEVER know.
-and WHY is Pimp-Mama Kris being sooooo quiet about Ye's new song "ON SITE"??? The song is...raunchy... BUT politically savy if he's using it to piss off the Kardashian Klan!


Kinda like what dogs do. They get in heat and have sex, any time anywhere. Dogs don't marry, pigs don't marry, but they do have sex and make babies.

@ Benchi173

Ya got a point there! Um.. But WHO are you calling canine-like??? Kanye? Kim? Leyla? Or all of the above???

@ Jenny+Rose

No matter how you cut it, it's all bad. I was really hoping that this was a going to be a long happy relationship between Kanye and Kim. But in the end, that's me wishing for a winning lottery ticket and hearing the next day that some 90 year old chick gets 10 million from a scratch off! You either have it, or you don't! And Kimye, definitely don't! I feel bad for thier child though. That's whose going to really suffer.


LOL I doubt this story is true but you never know. I really feel sorry for the baby growing in Kim Kardashian's womb. That baby sure will have trashy, misfit parents to deal with!


Leyla Ghobadi...Probably YET ANOTHER SKANK looking for her 15 minutes of fame, camera time, etc.....LOL!!!!!


Just sad if it's true. If it is true then I have to say that Kim was given a gift before the baby is born. She can drop Kanye like a hot potato and no one will give her a hard time.I think the best think for her is to lose Kanye. He's an ego maniac with a bad temper. This is ironically a gift Kim take it and run.


who brags about screwing blk guys ???????? LMFAO!!! Too funny-some women really are useless.

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