Leyla Ghobadi: I Banged Kanye West While Kim was Pregnant!

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Leyla Ghobadi says she does not want to "destroy" the Kardashians. But she has no choice.

After all, if she were pregnant with a rap star's baby and the world thought he was loyal and loving and prepared to be a father… she'd totally want to know what she admits to in this week's Star:

Ghobadi slept with Kanye West while Kim Kardashian was pregnant.

Kanye West Cheating Claim

The totally believable story goes like this:

Ghobadi, a Canadian model, was picked out of the crowd at a Kanye concert in Atlantic City last July.

After being taken backstage by the celebrity's entourage, West invited Ghobadi back to his hotel room, but she refused to go because "it was too rushed."

But Kanye gave her free tickets and a backstage pass to the following night's show and once again made a sexual advance.

When she showed concern that he was dating Kardashian, West “told me that [his relationship with Kim] was for publicity and nothing serious,” Ghobadi told Star, adding naturally:

“We began to make out for a while and next thing I knew, we were both naked and having sex."

Ghobadi says a second rendezvous took place in NYC in October... when Kim was knocked up with West's child, but was away in Miami.

Once news of the pregnancy went public, however, Ghobadi says she pulled the plug on the affair. And why is she coming out with the bombshell now?

"If were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know."

NOTE: Star is the same tabloid that has run for years with the story that Michael Girgenti is the father of Kourtney Kardashian's son Mason. So you may wanna take this latest allegation with a grain of salt the size of Kanye's ego and/or Kim's baby bump.

NOTE: Kanye has denied any and all aspects of this story.

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such classy women.


Leyla Ghobadi looks like she's had they same amount of cosmetic surgery as Kim K (minus the fat injected arse). Go figure Kanye would deny reports he cheated. LMBO.


beautiful pic


Why is this not surprising????? Never liked HIM anyway!!!


So basically Kim K got knocked up by a stereotypical piece of trash with no sense of responsibility.


They should leave my idol Kim K alone to have her child in peace, star magazine is a devil's magazine.


AmeriC-nt women are a pathetic breed--just a buncha no standard wh@res who have zero class and tact...........................

@ i h8 white women

Kim k isn't white darling. Sorry to have to break that to ya!"

@ My+Two+Cents.....

If Kim isn't white, then what is she? Her father is of Armenien decent and her mother is of scotish and I believe dutch. So what`s that make her.

@ My+Two+Cents.....

Shes the role model for trashy white wh-res--same difference.Alot of white wh-res want to emmulate her so good luck with that.

@ My+Two+Cents.....

I am getting tired of hearing about the kardashians


i dont believe and still paparazzi does alot to hurt peoples lyfs


KIM K most likely has a whole slew of stds from all the darkies.Yeah a tip for all you coalburners: invest in Valtrex stock and good luck with the hiv!


I swear some of you people sound like you're all a bunch of saints. The only difference in Kim and a lot of other women is she didn't sneak around and hide what she has done. Many women have done much worse although they want to put other women down, call them whores, sluts among other names and talk about them like dogs. Just like some of you. I'm guessing most of you male and female have been with more than one person sexually and not married to them. I was taught one who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw rocks. Kim is a beautiful woman so big deal she's made a few mistakes and some bad choices that just makes her human. It's not like you or I haven't made any so stop judging others and start looking at your own damn past. I've listen to Kim on talk shows and not once have I ever heard her talk about someone or call anyone a bunch of nasty names. That just shows she has some class and is respectful to others.

@ Ms+Billie

You are so right! Most men and women have done the same. But to see what they write and say about Kim is as if they have never made a mistake or any mistakes to hear them tear others down. We are not perfect and those who write those harsh things are jealous of Kim. They are unaware that every things you say will return back to them. It is karma! Some of comments are down right rotten!

@ Ms+Billie

My hat's off to you, Ms+Billie! Couldn't have said it better! I think Kim's got alot of class and it seems that JEALOUS reared it's ugly head.I have to feel sorry for some of these people that lack an education.

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