Kris Jenner on Reality Show: Unscripted! Educational!

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Kris Jenner is featured in the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter.

And while she doesn't crack us up like Kanye West in his New York Times interview, the reality show matriarch does open up about her children, her talk show and how Keeping Up with the Kardashians educates her kids.


Kris Jenner on THR Cover

"We’ve created businesses and a workplace," she says of the series. "It’s so funny that somebody can criticize a show like ours, and yet we employ hundreds of people. And it’s been such a great learning experience for all of my kids. It’s the best education I could offer them."

In related news: Kris Jenner is apparently unaware of high institutions of learning.

She also says with a straight face that there are "no scripts" used for the E! program.

Among other topics on which Jenner muses:

Will Kim Kardashian get married again? "This time it will be private and smaller, if she does get married again - not 500 people."

Is OJ Simpson the father of Khloe Kardashian? That rumor is “130 million percent untrue,” Kris said, comparing it to reports about “two-headed aliens.”

Is Kanye angry that Kim has gained weight while pregnant? “It’s an absolute fabrication.”

What does she hope to accomplish with her talk show, with kicks off a six-week trial run on June 15? "So many women give up in life when they get a little bit older," she said. "I want to be a positive influence. I want to come from a really good place. Some people are just lost, and maybe I can be an inspiration.

Is Bruce Jenner seeking a sex change? “That’s been around since the ’70s. Some of these weekly magazines go to such a place, it’s a creative-writing assignment."

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