Kim Kardashian Sends Birthday Wishes to BFF, Love of Her Life

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For someone about to be left all alone in the delivery room, Kim Kardashian sure seems cool with the man supposedly doing the leaving.

With Kanye West celebrating his 36th birthday today, the reality star has taken to Twitter and wished her baby daddy the very best.

“Happy Birthday to my best friend, the ❤ of my life, my soul!!!! I love you beyond words!"

Kim then included the following collage of the couple on Instagram. Even we must admit: It's very sweet. So we're gonna let Kardashian finish and have the final say on this special day...

Kanye West Birthday Collage


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Kim Kardashian Sends Birthday Wishes to BFF, Love of Her Life
Now tell me it's not real!
You are welcome)


Aaah, a lovingly personal and private greeting on Twitter!!! And all the pics are from her thinner and more attractive past -- not one showing her pregnant -- which SHOULD be their happiest moment. Oh, well...


Obviously,she purposely wanted to get knocked up by Kanye. Simply because of his wealthy and famous. She's desperately trying to hold on to him. He's nowhere by her side as she posts flaky post about their distant relationship. She'll do anything,including getting pregnant, to extend her 15 minutes. What sad,desperate woman.


Who is kidding who? She LIED after her 72 day joke of a fake marriage saying billionaries wanted to date her. No one would touch her with a 50 foot pole except this joke hood rapper. They both have zero talent and are 14 minutes into their 15 minutes of fame.




This is sick - washing your laundry in public. There are doctors who would love to treat this.
When is the Hollywood Gossip going to stop giving these people the attention they demand.

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