Kim Kardashian Klaims Paparazzi Threatened Life of Her Fetus

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They may have helped make her famous, but now they are just making her life miserable.

Days after screaming at the paparazzi for opening her car door, Kim Kardashian has GONE OFF on these non-journalists for allegedly threatening her life - and the life of her unborn child!

Kim Kardashian is Surrounded

“I wouldn’t let the paps get a pic of me today & they threatened my life & said if I continue to block shots then they will make my world dangerous to live in!" Kardashian Tweeted yesterday.

“How dare they threaten my life & my unborn child! This has gotten way out of control!”

Kim explained that four cars "boxed" her in on Wednesday, as she pleaded for these reporters to give her a break.

“Let me enjoy this last month of pregnancy please without threats & being scared to leave my home due to what dangerous thing they just threatened to do to me," she wrote, concluding:

“I get I live a public life… [but] I’m 32 yrs old now, about to be a mom. I’m not 25 clubbing around LA anymore. There’s no excuse for threats & stalking!”

What do you think? Should the paparazzi leave Kim Kardashian alone?


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Yh quitunright she askd 4 it bt nw she is no longer intrested I guess paparazzi shld let her be I LOVE KIM so much nd dnt want her hurt.......


Kim Kardashian , este fara indoiala una dintre cele mai dorite femei din lume !


before I saw the draft ov $5978, I didn't believe friend was like actualy erning money in there spare time from their laptop.. there mums best friend has been doing this for under 20 months and at present paid for the loans on their apartment and bourt Honda. read more at,


Maybe she should have thought about all the repercussions she'd eventually have to face before she decided to spread her legs on camera. She brought this on herself.


You reap what you sow and lifes a bitch that way


yes dey hv leave her alone.....


She is as fake as the day is long!! I feel so sorry for the child that is about to be brought into that family.


Why is it so incredibly important to hear about this woman all the time? Women have babies every single day around the world. Poor women, wealthy women, professional women, etc. Why is it so important to hear and read about this person???? I don't get it. She is no more important than anyone else. In fact, I think she is less important because of the 'fame freak' that she is! Go away KarCASHians!!! Just go away!!!!


I meant to say, Kim is not calculating on getting threatened. She is not hoping for that.


Threats and death are never calculated. What is it were YOUR mother? People seem to forget that most women end up being SOMEONE's mother. Have some respect gentlemen and make your momma proud.