Kim Kardashian Gives Birth to a Girl!

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Kim Kardashian has finally gone off script:

Multiple sources confirm the reality star gave birth this afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to a baby girl, born five weeks early and with both her parents in the room.

Yes, despite reports to the contrary, Kanye West was present for the life-changing event, even canceling his appearance at an album release party to be by Kim's side after she checked in to the hospital last night because she felt ill.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Look

This is the first child for both halves of the couple and we'll update this post when details such as name and weight come in.



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I'm so happy to hear Kim has had her baby and hope the both are doing great since it is a bit early. Glad Kayne was there with her the baby coming early and being her first that can be scary enough without being alone. Congrats to both of you and wish good health for you and your beautiful baby!

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