Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: What Will North West Look Like?!

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Ever since Kim Kardashian's first child came into the world through her vagina - known from this day forward as the North West passage - we have wondered:

What will the spawn of Kim and Kanye West look like?

Kim Kardashian Baby Projection

Even before Thursday's Kim Kardashian baby name reveal, insiders were reporting that she “looks just like Kim,” so that’s a good thing, probably. Maybe.

It may be awhile until North West makes her public debut. Her arrival five weeks before Kim's due date no doubt threw a wrench into the Kards' PR machine.

When the celebrity couple will release the first official pics of their bundle of joy, and how many millions they will collect for doing so, we can not say.

What we can do is speculate ... and compile a hilarious collection of projected images of what the Internet envisions little North West will look like.

Follow the jump for UNofficial photos galore!!

Kanye West Baby Picture
Kim and Kanye Baby Picture
Kim Kardashian Baby Face Morph
Projected Kim Kardashian Baby Photo
Kimye Baby Face Morph
Kim and Kanye Baby Projection
Kimye Baby Projection

Which of the above projected Kimye baby pictures is your favorite?

And all kidding aside, what do you think of the name North West?


The sicko that did these pics should have their damn head knocked off. You are a disgrace to mankind. It would be hilarious if Kim and Kanye saw these and sued the living hell out of you for the pics and making fun of an innocent baby. You are one warped individual and would so deserve having to pay out you ass for this and that includes sending your ass to jail.

@ Ms+Billie

waaaaah you suck dick. the baby doesn't care, it doesn't even comprehend this. im going sue you for posting such a stupid comment. kim and kanye can lick my asshole.

@ Ms+Billie


@ Ms+Billie

What would they sue for exactly?


I can't wait to c d pix of north


You got to add a picture of what kim kardashian looked like before all the surgery on her face so we can see what that baby will really look like in the future. haha!




POOR BABY why not name her South East, South West, and North East What The FUCK where they thinking she will be getting teased when she goes to school because of her FUCK up name!!!! Where her PARENTS doing DRUGS and DRINKING when they came up with that name!!!!

@ Stephanie+Coachman

Yes gawd.


Why not name the baby South East, South West, and North East poor baby she will be tease why she goes to school because of her DUMB ASS PARENTS!!!! What were they SMOKING and DRINKING when they came up with that name!!!!


for the baby's sake... I truly do hope Nori looks JUST LIKE KIM. Kanye is nothing to look at....Yuck


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she might be dark or fair,she would still be georgeous,dats if she got kim looks,God help her if she takes kanye'z looks


That's not always true. My daughter is Irish/Mexican (her dad is pretty dark) . She was born darker, but her skin got lighter as she's grown older. She still gets a tan during the Summer and ends up being pretty dark, but during the winter, her skin tone lightens back up. Not all babies are the same. Anyway, if you watch KUWTK, Kim actually hasn't had -that- many boyfriends over the years since the whole Ray-J thing. Taylor Swift has gone through probably 5x more guys than Kim has and she's only 22. Think about it. I think the Kardashian family is extremely funny, and congrats to Kim & Kanye (though that name... God. What were they -thinking-??)

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