Kim Kardashian Baby Photo: Revealed!*

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* The one of Kim Kardashian herself, we mean.

Sorry, did the headline mislead you?

Kim and Kanye West are yet to unveil a single picture of North West, but the former did take advantage of Throwback Thursday on Instagram today.

She posted a shot of herself and mother Kris Jenner from way back in the day, as little Kim clearly had a long way to go before she perfected the art of posing.

Kim Kardashian Baby Pic

As for the Kim Kardashian baby photos people actually want to see? The ones you likely hoped this article would feature?

Our eyes are open. Our lids are peeled. Our sources are working the phones. Nothing yet.



@ patty

Kim is looking for a FANTASY, and that will BE not LOVE with West. He has a case of his own IDENTITY, and LOVES only HIMSELF. If she marries him, she is making a BIGGER mistake than with Humphries, and that was HEINOUS in itself. She should stay SINGLEjust like Kourtney, because then she will KEEP her INDEPENDENCE.

@ Geronimo

You are so right. I feel that Kim is in love with being in love. It is best for her to do like Kourtney, and that is to stay single. You can still have a committed relationship and co-parent, just without the piece of paper. I myself am married, 12yrs, its just that marriage isn't for everyone...different strokes for different folks. Do what's best for yourself, Kim and everyone out there. Live for yourself and please yourself because at the end of the day, you can't please everyone. Much Love.

@ Geronimo

You sure hit that one on the nail! :)
She has this "idea" of the perfect relationship, marriage, child.. and most ppl by the time they reach 30 have had enough hard-ships in their lives to know that there IS NO "PERFECT, FANTASY LIFE/LOVE/OTHERWISE"! It's our childhood ideals that some have a hard time letting go. (Football player that still lives in the "glory days", for example!)
And a CHILD - oh boy! Those of us that have children already know how much WORK it is and even though Kim has nannies, I would think she wants to be around the baby at certain times! She doesn't like noise or ANYTHING disrupting her "perfect life"! This is going to be a HUGE life lesson for her & I hope she uses this to better herself!


Now you have an idea how the baby will look only she will be a shade darker.


I thought so: AS INNOCENT ONLY BABEES CAN BE............

@ abe

If that baby looks like West, OMG that will be a HELLOVA cross to bare.


Why don't you rename this web site" The Kardashian Gossip".
Mindless, uninteresting people you elevate.

@ robertL

Then why are reading it?

@ robertL

They knew what they were doing. I agree they should name it After her. It should be called:Hollywood kartrashian gossip.


Yess ! lol very misleading...!


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