Kim Kardashian Baby Name: North West (Seriously)!!

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Five days after Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl, the new arrival's name has been revealed at last ... and it's guaranteed to surprise their fans.

North West! Or Nori for short! Seriously!

Kimye Photograph

A close source added that the "birth certificate is already out," and that the little baby girl, born five weeks early on Saturday, has no middle name.

Just North West, people. Represent.

"They will call her Nori for short," says a family insider, who denied the seemingly fitting Kaidence Donda West rumor earlier in the week.

Looks like Kaidence, while unique, was still too conventional. Kimye shocked everyone with the mere fact that the baby name does not start with K!

In any case, Lil North was born ahead of schedule June 15 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, and everybody is healthy and happy.

Thrown off and scrambling to monetize this, but healthy and happy.

What do you think of the name North West?


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I think Easton West would have been better.


"What's your name?" "North West" Lol.


I thought that Kim had more BRAINS than that, and NOW I know I was WRONG. In this case NOW, if Kris Jenner would of been in this BRAINLESS way of naming her kids, she could of done the *K* with Kemp Kardashian, Kill Kardashian, as bad as *North*, Krummy, meaning Crummy, with a *K*.. As long as this continues, it won't be long before the Kardashian EMPIRE will meet its DEMISE. And it will happen ASAP.. Any DOUCHEBAG that names their kid something in that LOW of a DEMEANOR, should be held outside in the FREEZING TEMPERATURES after being sprayed down with ICE WATER.... temperature being ----40 BELOW ZERO with a windchill of ---80 BELOW ZERO... I guess Kim & Kanye are meant for eachother. The BLIND/DUMB leading the BRAIN DEAD with no CONFIDENCE.

@ Geronimo



North west really? That's funny calling a kid like that.that girl will suffer for that name.North west!! With all the name in the world! Kanye and kim didn't really think the name through so in the next few days I hope they change it.North west. Lol

@ Laurinda+pierre

Well, as the little girl gets OLDER she will develop a HATE for her parents for giving her such a DISGUSTING name. She will take their money, but will still get the things she WANTS, but deep down in her heart she will HATE Kim/Kanye. Notice on Kanye's face, there isn't a SMILE either. He is a SAD/SICK sucker and is always UNDER THE INFLUENCE mode. Real SIMPLETON no matter what!


That is the stupidest name EVER. I thought holly Madison baby rainbow was bad but at least thats somewhat a girl name unlike north. Wtf?


hi very nice pic


They have named that child after that old airline northwest, I feel sorry for her


i think thats a stupid name just like beyonce's baby name these poor kids from celebs no wounder that kids today killing thier self


Well, its reasurring to know that the Kardashians will now have someone else besides Kamye West to collect quarters on the street for them.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Welcome Baby Girl NORTH WEST Birth Certificate and First Photo leaked -