Kim Kardashian Baby Name: North West (Seriously)!!

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Five days after Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl, the new arrival's name has been revealed at last ... and it's guaranteed to surprise their fans.

North West! Or Nori for short! Seriously!

Kimye Photograph

A close source added that the "birth certificate is already out," and that the little baby girl, born five weeks early on Saturday, has no middle name.

Just North West, people. Represent.

"They will call her Nori for short," says a family insider, who denied the seemingly fitting Kaidence Donda West rumor earlier in the week.

Looks like Kaidence, while unique, was still too conventional. Kimye shocked everyone with the mere fact that the baby name does not start with K!

In any case, Lil North was born ahead of schedule June 15 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, and everybody is healthy and happy.

Thrown off and scrambling to monetize this, but healthy and happy.

What do you think of the name North West?


I thought Kadience Donda was beautiful. North West................... really???


Nori - lovely - they just named their precious little girl after a seeweed! How funny if she married an Eastwood, she'd be North West Eastwood


Nori is a cute name for a child and I don't think North is a name an adult woman would hate. I've heard far worse on any playground on any day in any neighborhood.

@ Eva18

Right on, Eva18! Couldn`t have said it better!


No worse than Gweneth's Apple, or Jay's Blu, or someone's Denim or the colors like. White (Blanca) or even the seasons...... Autumn, Winter or Summer, or months of the year April, May, June, July (JULIO) or December (Bully December Williams or even Erika's 7. SmH......ALL DUMB but.... what's in a name?

@ Angela

If peo
ple are so concerned about
the ramifications of 'North' you need to look at it this way.At least anybody can spell it. No-one can
even spell 'Gwyneth Paltrow' correctly.


They should throw some numbers in there and make it sound like an address ,like north west 16th street.maybe it could be her address and people would not have ask her .they could say her name and she'll never get lost.


I was expecting her name to start with a K, honestly. That's the letter her other relatives' names start with. The Kardasians are weird.

@ Tabby Truxler

Tabby Truxler: There's a reality show on TLC ( I think) and I'm not sure of the name but I think it's called 19 kids and counting. All 19 kids.including the father,have a name that start with the letter "J" ! The father's name is Jim bob and the kids names are everything from Jesse, Jerimya, Jacob, Jenny........ I think you' get the picture.!!! Check it out


this tops the name apple as one of the most stupid names ever given to a child!

@ anon

You'd really love my daughter's name then. SKYE. Yes, it's SKYE! She loves her name and that's what's important. What it boils down to is that it's their child and they can name her any way they want.They didn't name her to please us.!

@ anon

Oh, come on now. It's not that bad.Kind of cute and sassy. I think apple still holds the tittle and Nori is ..alright.


Whats your name pretty one, "North-West". OMFG! seriously, So wierd.


Bubbles would have been a much more fitting name.


If true, WTH do celebrities do that to their kids...saddle them with the stupidest names - Apple, Moon Unit, Kal-El, Pilot Inspektor, Fifi Trixibelle, Coco, Kyd, Sage Moonblood, Destry, Memphis Eve...these are HUMANS these parents are saddling with these names, not dogs or cats, for crying out loud. And personally, I think the parents are selfishly vying for attention, at the expense of their children, when doing this. Shame on them!!!

@ Frogmore

Lol. Soon they will be calling their kids after spices or detergents

@ cupcake

Thyme sage paprika balsamic ranch vinegar{vinny for short}

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