Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Kaidence Donda West?

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to... Kaidence Donda West!

While Kim Kardashian is yet to speak on her daughter - and while the world's most publicity-hungry family has been oddly silent since Kim gave birth on Saturday - we're now hearing the Kimye baby has been christened with the aforementioned moniker.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in White
Kimye Baby Projection

The rumored middle name is after Kanye's late mother, who passed away in 2008 from plastic surgery complications.

The rumored first name, meanwhile, seems to make sense based on three factors:

  1. It has a connection to music.
  2. It is unusual.
  3. It begins with the letter K.

The family was reportedly taken by surprise when Kim went into labor five weeks early and is scrambling to determine the best way to monetize the new addition.

Hence the delay in details such as the child's dimensions and name.

But react now to this possibility by voting in our survey below ...

What do you think of the name Kaidence Donda West?

UPDATE, 6/21: It's North West!! For real!


kaidence as for coincidence..


Kaidence meaning is music but Donda is not a positive name the person that carries that name suffers greatly from lack of self confidence.craves affection understanding,considered haughty aloof.lonely and suffer from fluid functions.I know they named her after Kanye's mom but the names are polar opposites and this girl will not like her moms vulgar ways.I found the meaning of Donda on Kabalarian Dictionary.


His mother "passed away" from plastic surgery. Sure it's sad she's dead and all, but the way they phrased it had me laughing my ass off. Does this make me a bad person? XD Kaidence though, I like it.

@ Anon

No it doesn't make you a bad makes you an absolutely wretched person. Shame on you and everything you whole near and dear you Soulless NutJob!

@ Anon

Anon, you like it because YOU have no BRAINS or TACT. Kaidence is so DUNCE/LIKE that it is truly LAUGHABLE, and more like BRAIN DEAD. Heck Anon, you don't even have enough CONFIDENCE in yourself, to give your BRAINLESS should be your MIDDLE NAME.


shut the f*** patssy p**** old crap face you again and the old lady looking your damn face you are from the1586 gears what are you still doing here? please I beg you to humanity kill yourself for ready 0 already

@ F you

What on Earth is your problem...?


Go to New Zealand, they have a list of names that you can not call your children. Try to register a weird name, and they will not give you a birth certificate. Like some singer called her daughter Blue Ivy.....Well Ivy as far as I know is not blue but green.....


Pretty name - bet they will call her Kate or Katie! I can't understand why Penelope and Mason didn't get K names, however.


I think you prople have too much time on your hands to worry about someone's baby's name, she gave birth so she is allowed to give whatever name she chooses, how many of us luv our names and would hav chosen it for ourselves? Don't put too much into it, the point is Kim gave birth to a healthy baby girl, leave them alone and mind your own business (MYOB).


I think it's nice that they gave the middle name of Donda, in memory of the mom - otherwise, the name is nothing special. I've known several girls named "Cadence" (not with a "K"), over the years.


The fact that ya'll are putting so much damn thought into all this is so hilarious.


I feel sadden by the racial remarks. :( it's ok if you don't agree with interracial relationships. But to speak so negatively about a child is awful. They have a right to name the child whatever they want. If that is the name I think it's different and nice. Please be careful of the words you speak especially about kids. Karma is real. Some of you wonder why your kids are getting bullied etc... Well it's because of the seeds you are sowing right now. As they say you reap what you sow. So you all on here sowing negative thoughts, it will come back to you or the ones you love! So treat and speak how you would want someone to do to you!

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