Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Kaidence Donda West?

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Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to... Kaidence Donda West!

While Kim Kardashian is yet to speak on her daughter - and while the world's most publicity-hungry family has been oddly silent since Kim gave birth on Saturday - we're now hearing the Kimye baby has been christened with the aforementioned moniker.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian in White
Kimye Baby Projection

The rumored middle name is after Kanye's late mother, who passed away in 2008 from plastic surgery complications.

The rumored first name, meanwhile, seems to make sense based on three factors:

  1. It has a connection to music.
  2. It is unusual.
  3. It begins with the letter K.

The family was reportedly taken by surprise when Kim went into labor five weeks early and is scrambling to determine the best way to monetize the new addition.

Hence the delay in details such as the child's dimensions and name.

But react now to this possibility by voting in our survey below ...

What do you think of the name Kaidence Donda West?

UPDATE, 6/21: It's North West!! For real!


I just glanced at this as was curious as to what name they might choose. I am not a fan of the Kardashians but am pleased her baby is healthy. It is none of my business what they name their child.
However, I am more shocked at how the users on here are so nasty to eachother. Telling people they are old, ignorant, should go kill themselves, etc. I feel sorry for you all that your life is so bad you have to hide behind a screen name and insult people. I pray you become more happy with yourselves. I pray for you.

@ Jenn

you are so negative. Kanye is going to stick around. You apparently don't know Kanye and how he feels about women.

@ sarah

Whoops!! I didn't mean to reply to you but meant it to SoGalGal in my last post. I'm glad the baby is healthy also and I think Kanye and Kim will be great parents.

@ Jenn

yesssssssss, very well said. thank you.

@ Jenn

well said


the Donda part is really wierd!...


It is better than Apple, Blue Ivy, Jet etc. The more I hear it the more I like it. But who cares what I think, it "aint" my child.


I think the baby came early bcuz kris humpries is that babies daddy


I like the name; however, I do not like any of them. not baby's fault. I am sure she is a darling. poor kid. pretty obvious how she is going to turn out. I feel really sorry for her with such a disastrous family. money is not everything. thank goodness for that.

@ christieo

Yea right. I don't know what happened but trust me it does NOT belong to Kris. Girlfriend was completely turned off by this dude after the honeymoon.

@ shelley

shelley, I think your comment was meant for tatum lol


Who cares, they can call the kid whatever they want No surprise that the name is unusual these people are ALWAYS looking for attention


Kaidence? Ok


Wow, THG, the crap you allow people to post on here is insane.



@ meg

I DID!!!!


The SO CALLED NAME is one hellova choice. That poor little INNOCENT girl will have to carry this CRUEL name because the parents are too DUMB to realize how STUPID the name is. This kid will be the laughing stock in every class. To begin with even the name of KANYE sounds like a tribal name of the CANNIBALS. Triple IDIOTIC seems to characterize the whole thing. It is a PITY that the little girl will have RICH parents that don't have ANY consideration or KINDNESS for her. Leave LOVE by the side, cuz with a name like this, the girl will GROW to HATE them for such a REDICULOUR/CRUEL name. It is outta the ordinary, but so is SIMPLE MINDED.

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