Kim Kardashian Baby Name Bombshell: It Does NOT Start With K, Source Claims!

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The Kim Kardashian baby name game just took an alarming new twist as a source claims that not only is Kaidence not the little girl's moniker, but ... wait for it ...

Her name does not even start with K!

Kanye West Bangs Head

From the moment Kanye West announced that he got the 32-year-old reality star pregnant, we've speculated on the future Kim Kardashian baby name.

Now that the beautiful baby girl - who's already smiling! - is here, speculation is at a fever pitch. We still don't know it, but Us wants to make this clear:

She is not Kaidence Donda West.

With a musical tie-in, a tribute to his mom and a unique "K" name (a la Kim, Kanye, Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie), Kaidence seemed perfect.

Alas. So what is it? No one knows ... and don't hold your breath.

"They're not quite ready to announce the name yet," an insider says. "But the name definitely does not start with a K, despite all the rumors that have been out."

So basically they were thrown off by the premature delivery and are scrambling to keep the name under wraps as they figure out how to monetize it.


Whatever the new arrival will be called, "Everybody is doing great," the insider adds, and 'Ye does feel a connection to his late mother.

"The baby is so sweet. Kanye is so in love. Kim's real due date was July 12. Kanye's mom's birthday. That really warmed his heart."

Enough that he puts his album promotion schedule on the back burner so that Kim and the little one aren't basically ditched by Kanye any minute?

Only time will tell, THGers. Only time will tell.

UPDATE, 6/21: It's North West!! For real!


As long as the baby is healthy.... That's all that really should matter. Congrats to them all the same.


Good for Kim in keeping ur families info to themselves. I see alot of articles are saying Kim left the hospital recently and at 7am TMZ was reporting Kim and thebaby had left the hospital and are staying at an unknown location. Guess it's not Kris Jenner. This is hilarious


Who gives a rat's azz what their baby name is. Geeze can't even believe i took the time to write this.


who cares


Well said!!!!


Who cares what they name her? There are thousands of babies born every day. Everyone know what appears to be smile is from them passing gas. They don't even have recognition of others around them this early. All they hear are the sounds. They also do not even come close to resembling a parent this early as their features are not defined. Some people are so ignorant..

@ Victoria

I agree some people are so ignorant so happy that you recognize your misgivings.

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