Kim Kardashian Baby Gender: What Is It?!?

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The water may still be intact, but the news broke on last night's Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 8 premiere:

Are Kim and Kanye West having a boy or a girl?!?

Khloe and Baby Bump

And the answer was revealed early:

"I don't see any pee-pees," Dr Crane said at his client's visit: "I'm thinking it's a GIRL."

"Oh my gosh! What's the percentage?" replied Kim.

Upon being told it was 99, Kim gushed: "I am so excited to be having a girl. Who doesn't want a girl?!?"

Kardashian then added that boyfriend West (not actually at the ultrasound) has always wanted a girl, as she pondered whether her daughter would be musical and concluded:

"I just can't wait to see what she's going to talk like and look like. I am so excited about the joy she is going to bring into our lives."

So, let the prediction game begin: What will Kim Kardashian name her little girl?


Some of the world's most beautiful children are mixed race. God bless Kim and her baby.

Ann kenny

I think they should call the baby Kristabel or Kensington if they want to keep the K name thing going.


Yes, because the BALLERINA baby shower invites didn't already scream that out loud.......

@ fuzzydice666

@Ann, Kristabel would be a lovely name after her mom, but people would miscontstrue it to be after Kris Humphries perhaps. It's very cute.


Her doctor's name is Dr. Crane? Totally jealous, reminds me of Dr.Crane from Batman..


No one cares what this kid looks like they just want that filthy thieving whore to disappear.


I think she will name her daughter Penelope. Seems like something Kim would come up with. And everyone else about those racist comments... Well Kim can do what she wants some of us may hate her I know I do but that's besidee the point. The point is that she has an innocent life inside her and what does it matter if she takes after her dad or her mom??? A kid is a kid. However it is how she is raised that matters.... Whether she will drink or not or do drugs or not... That's where it counts. Hopefully the child will be better than her mom and know how to STAY OUT of the tabloids and media...

@ elizabeth

Kourtneys daughter is named Penelope.....


Joe, you cannot say something racist & make it ok by saying "This is not a racist statement" when it is nothing but! I at least respect that Bob's ignorant & racist a$$ kept it real, even though he's a piece of s*it who should be shot. At any rate, they've known for MONTHS she's having a girl. They've already moved to patent "Knorth West." Given the last name & the proclivity to name Kardashian females with a "K" name, this is most likely the baby's name.


my goodness those are some racist comments and the N word is so uncalled for and ugly and the baby will have curly hair what is wrong with you people, get a life please

@ shelly

some folks just live to be haters and to keep this nonsense (Racism, even within a race) going.... Truly Sad! to talk about a poor innocent baby! She did not choose who her parents are! Some of you wish you could change your parents! Poor innocent child.


She'll name it Kumdumpster

@ Chelsea

Level with me will you....Are your parents cousins?

@ Chelsea


@ Chelsea

@Chelsea, are you really gonna talk trash about a BABY?!? Hate on Kim all you want, no one really cares. But that's an innocent unborn life in Kim right now, so you really don't need to call it something like that (joke or not). @Joe, not all black people have "nigger hair." All it takes is the proper maintenance to get the smooth and long locks most white people have. Kim has more than enough resources to make sure that her little girls hair is taken care of. @bob words, because no matter what anyone says, people like you will never listen or understand. You're always going to have your opinion, no matter how far society has come, and that's really sad, but I know better than to talk people like you out of an opinion like that. It's just not possible. Smh....

@ Chelsea

You a dumb ignorant hateful bis for calling a baby a kumdumpster. I hope someone punches your dumb arse in the face for that bull crap.


Joe and bob borne WOW I really hope the two of you never breed.

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