Kailyn Lowry Son Poses For Gay Rights Campaign, Jo Rivera Reacts on Twitter

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Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry is a big gay rights supporter. A photo shoot involving her son to bolster that cause has baby daddy Jo Rivera irate, however.

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    a rep said, so “standing up for equality is one of the most important things a parent can do" - Yes what a PARENT can do. Teach your kid equality or tolerance and non discrimination. Reguardless of your pro or con viewpoint on the subject, your 3 year old doesnt have an opinion so dont use your kid as a tool to promote YOUR agenda. Just like people who have 2 year olds walk around with Anti abortion signs who grow up to be pro-choice. Issiac has no concept of gay rights so why is he being pimped out in this and a Prop 8 photo when he was about 18 mths old? I dont usually take the baby daddy side but weather Jo is for equality or not the point Kail should not be exploited their son for a cause he knows nothing about and in fact may grow up to disagree with.

    @ jenn

    Spot on!!! I agree 100%


    I agree with Jo that gay rights campaign ad doesn't look right with the two guys with Isaac jo and kail's son I understand what kail was trying to do but that just looks weird


    These kids are forced to be airred everyday. on MTV., Teen magazines, news, Hollywood gossip. This isnt about beind a racist or being anti gay. Its about exploiting these children. They dont have a voice. They do what is asked and expected of them. They have cameras consistently following them. And when they dont these parents are demanding more pablicity. Shame on them and shame on anyone who turned this into a racial issue.


    I agree with Jo that it is exploiting his son. Javi is not his father nor is the other guy. Why didn't they get a real family. There are many gay fathers with children, it's just fake and very contrived.


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    Waooo kail i think issac is to young to be posing for gay rights do you even know if he is going to be happy about this when he gets older? I dont think joe will apreciate this. Just stop using angels to support a sin

    @ Heydy

    homophobia is a sin!!!!!

    @ Heydy

    You're a sin


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    You all are disgusting, racist homophobic pieces of shit. If you're telling Mexicans to get out of "your" country...you might want to think about that you dumb uneducated fucks....why don't YOU go back to Europe where your ancestors came from before they stole the Americas from the Indians. You actually think Whitey's dont commit crimes there Tijiuana Ass Show? Go educate yourself you waste of space.What makes you think your skin colour makes you better than someone of a different race, or your gender preference? It's people like all of you that is wrong, not with the country but the world.

    @ Tori

    I agree with u! And if these people who love to judge would watch the news, they would see that at most of the crimes being committed are By straight people. I wasn't going to mention the race issue because Javi is clearly not 100% white so he can't be racist. Homophobe maybe. But most of the infamous crimes were done by white straight men and women.


    (spreading AIDS, HERPES, TBC)


    oh and btw the photo looks like a pro-NAMBLA ad or something,,,absolutely disgusting.

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