Justin Bieber Surveillance Video Backs Singer, Likely Clears Name

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Take this, Keyshawn Johnson!

Authorities have viewed a surveillance video from Justin Bieber's home, filmed on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, that proves what the singer has been saying all along:

He was NOT behind the wheel of his Ferrari when it sped around his Calabasas neighborhood, earning the wrath of Johnson and a visit from authorities.

Justin Bieber in Song

According to TMZ sources, Tyler the Creator was telling the truth in the days that followed when Tweeting that he drove the car that evening.

The video depicts Tyler pulling up to Justin's home in the vehicle and Bieber arriving a short time later on a motorcycle.

Johnson then shows up about 30 seconds later, just as Tyler is exits the car and Bieber gets into it so he can maneuver into the garage.

Despite witness testimony that swears Bieber was driving recklessly that evening, a source tells TMZ it is now "highly unlikely" criminal charges will be filed against anyone involved.


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Justin was telling the truth and it turns out the neighbors were lying as well. I wonder what the HOA is going to say about this. it usely police have to see the reckless driving to charge any one.


Will the gossip sites like tmz that trashed him over this apologize? Also, the people that booed him at the basketball game as well as Johnson? I won't hold my breath.


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