Justin Bieber Parties with Scandalous Friends, Gushes Over New Kanye Album

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Kanye West did not attend his album listening party on Friday night. But he did have a very good excuse.

Justin Bieber attended the affair at at Milk Studios in Hollywood, however, snapping photos of himself with controversial friends Tyler the Creator and Lil Twist.

Both have been caught driving recklessly in Bieber's very fancy cars.

Justin Bieber at Kanye Party

Witnesses tell E! News that Bieber was clearly into the shindig, dancing around and telling everyone to "turn this up" on the microphone at one point.

He also apparently loved what he heard from "Yeezus," which leaked online over the weekend and which goes on sale Tuesday.

"Fact. @kanyewest new album is the truth," Justin Tweeted soon after the event.


If he didn't have money he wouldn't have any so called friends!


Yo i am 22 years old i dont listen to this kids fuckin music, but hes 19 . haha jesus christ let him smoke weed let him be himself. fuck it ! lol


What's the big deal. He is friends with a lot of hip hop and rap artists for a few years. Only blacks need apply?


why don't you get, he just needs to look mature towards his "friends"
he doesn't care for real friends who are his fans!!



@ Durugbo franceeZ

you guys are not fans, how do you know he does not care about his fans? why not ask those he has helped.

@ ivan

I agree


This kid is tragedy waiting to happen.......another E true hollywood episode

@ tntnva

C'mon, he cares about his fans, but obviously he sees them as inferior to him, he say he loves them and he's grateful but as i said, he sees them like his loyal subjects, is obviously just like that.


This boy/man is so wanting?
There are some deep problems here.


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