Justin Bieber Flirting with Miley Cyrus: The Final Straw for Selena Gomez!

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They may not have gotten it on, but they went far enough as far as Selena Gomez is concerned.

Following photos that prove Justin Bieber flirted heavily with Miley Cyrus over the weekend, sources tell Radar Online that Selena is done with her ex-boyfriend.

Truly done. Seriously done. 100% for real this time.

Selena Gomez Being Silly
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Miley Cyrus Fashion Decision

“It was already over with Justin, but seeing him hang out with Miley was the last straw for Selena,” an anonymous insider claims. “She’s not a Miley fan by any means and feels like Justin purposely did it just to piss her off. She’s completely severing ties with him now.”

We've heard this before, of course, but the source adds that Selena's friends and family have been pushing for just such a move away from Bieber and she's finally taking "their advice to heart."

Miley, meanwhile, came out and flatly denied that anything happened with Justin, reiterating that she's engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

But good luck telling that to Gomez!

"Selena’s not convinced that in the heat of the moment Miley wouldn’t slip,” the insider told Radar. “And that’s why Selena is completely removing herself from the situation. Removing herself from Justin’s life.”

Of course, there is one way for Selena to know for sure whether Miley has gotten too close to her former man: Does she smell like Justin Bieber girlfriend perfume?


I think justin is doing that to make selena jealous because miley and justin are not fit for each other


Is Justin serious? Selena Gomez deserves better than him, and I'm glad they're through 100%. What would YOU do if your boyfriend or girlfriend flirted with someone else? What, chillax?!


Gomez is way to controlling. She needs to chill. LOL


You guys I love all my fans but Selena need to shut up she is a dirty slut

@ Justin Bieber

That's quite obnoxious... don't you think, "Justin Beiber"?


Jiley will happen Selena is jealous

@ Angel

Thanks angel


It looks like Selena's past ex/cheater David Henrie and Selena Gomez the relationships heart breaker not only rekindled their relationship, but they both have the same color BMW's??
Selena's June 8th, 2013 date with David Henrie at the Kabuki you will see the X6 BMW.
Selena Gomez hits up the Starbucks drive-thru in a black BMW on June 15th, 2013. Anyway, they deserve each other!! Sorry George Shelley, I think Selena don't want you to call!!


justin might not be the smartest person but who are yall to talk about him he is on stage yall are in the audience. he has a 10 million dollar house you have a 800 dollar rental so yeah maybe he isn't the best person or best romodel but he has a more sucessful life then most of you people


The difference between a Superstar/Megastar:
Entertainment Superstars are greatly known artist for his/her work field, and are known in a particular country or worldwide. Superstars in music are people like: Madonna (POP), Rihanna (R&B), Taylor Swift (CM), Jay-Z (RAP); etcetera… Entertainment Megastars are superstars that have been recognized to a much higher degree for their work field such as: being inducted into the entertainment hall of fame, state awards from the state's highest authority, world recognition such as the noble prize. In music they are people like: MJ (POP-HOF), Elvis (CM-HOF), Beatles (ROC-HOF), Sir Elton John (POP-Knighted), Justin Bieber (POP-Canada Diamond Jubilee Medal), Sir Paul McCartney (ROC-Knighted); etcetera…


At least Miley is holding on to girl code where's Selena's past ex David Henrie was dating Lucy Hale from Jan 2007 to Mar 2009 before he cheated on her with Selena Gomez, and they broke up. (Girl code; Selena broke up a relationship)! Selena Gomez dated Nick Jonas 2008 - 2008 Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez got together shortly after Nick and Miley Cyrus called it quits. (Girl code; don't date your friends ex especially right after a break-up)! Now Selena has voiced her interest in exchanging spit with 1D Zayn Malik several times! (Girl code; voicing interest in another woman's man during their ongoing relationship)! Zayn Malik was caught cheating with an Australian waitress/stripper, and is caught smoking pot on board a yacht off the coast of Miami. My comment is fact. I'll leave you to your own judgment about Selena.


Selena's June 8th, 2013 date with her past ex David Henrie at the Kabuki! He was dating Lucy Hale from Jan 2007 to Mar 2009 before he cheated on her with Selena Gomez, and they broke up. Selena had trust issues with JB. Selena was on a date with her past ex!! Miley and Justin are just friends!!

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