Joe Giudice Cheated on Wife with Nanny: Tabloid Report

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Forget those Atlantic City hoes for a moment.

A new report once again says Joe Giudice has cheated on wife Teresa, but not with just anyone... with the couple's nanny, Nicole Cemelli!

Joe Giudice Cheating Story

Multiple insiders allege the affair began not long after Teresa hired Nancy to keep an eye on her kids while she was doing book signing and other Real Housewives of New Jersey promotional appearances.

“At first, Teresa was in total denial,” a friend tells Life & Style. “But another time, Nicole kissed Joe on the lips when she was in the room! Eventually, enough things were brought to her attention that she finally had to do something about it."

These events supposedly took place in 2010 and Nancy was fired that summer. HOWEVER, the tabloid says Joe remains in contact with her ex-paramour.

They were even photographed getting cozy in a booth at New York's Hurricane Club this past April.

Teresa, meanwhile, has been presented with various pieces of evidence that Joe has stepped out on the marriage, but she refuses to truly believe it.

Just a couple weeks ago, she refused to discuss her marriage or any infidelity rumors.


Tre will get the last laugh when she sells him out to the judge and he goes to jail and she stays home.


P.S. Teresa needs to start getting tested regularly...She isn't teaching her girls much if you ask me. What she is teaching them is that a cheating abusive husband is accepted.


Good now I hope she get's rid of the ignorant fat bastard. Who'd want him anyway..Does he think he is Arnold Schwartznegger? This guy is one short, fat, pathetic, ignorant, nasty, drunker, cheater and loser...makes all Italians look really really bad.


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@ Sandy03

Boy, you hit that nail on the head!


I can sort of understand as to why Joe Giudice cheated on Teresa with their former nanny. Let's face it...Teresa looks like a bipolar TRANNY with EVEN UGLIER-ASS WAYS...LOL!!!!!


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