Jesse Eisenberg Does Magic for Interviewer, Is Sort of a Jerk

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So Jesse Eisenberg stars in the new movie Now You See Me.

And he gave an interview about it over the weekend to a blogger named Romina... but we can't figure out if he's actually being a jerk to her in the following exchange. Or if it's sort of all part of the act.

Considering Romina said the actor "humiliated" her and added that Eisenberg "isn't very nice" when she put the interview online, we're guessing he really was irritated by her during the Q&A, especially her lack of respect for Morgan Freeman.

But watch now and decide for yourself:


No one knows what happened before this interview, so I wouldn't rush to call him a jerk. He's had the same kind of dry humor in other interviews before. I think that's just how he is. And she was a horrible interview. After sitting through 50 plus of those kinds of interviews in a press/promotion day I would be annoyed too.


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Hes clearly gonna fuck her after.. she was vibing him so hard..


..........Jesse "The Jerk"?
.................sounds right.


Well I thought he was funny Especially his comment about not wanting to find her in a crowd and stay alone lol