Jenelle Evans: Hospitalized With Lump in Throat

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Oft-troubled and even more oft-ailing Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans once yet again entered the hospital, this time reportedly due to a lump in her throat.

Apparently, the problem has been going on for two weeks and she decided it was worthy of a trip to the doctor. Or so she shared yesterday on the 'net.

Jenelle Evans Throat

“My throat doesn't hurt but my voice box is messed up and there's a lump in my throat. :/ wtfffff ?! I don't want to go to the doctor AGAIN,” she tweeted.

After revealing that new boyfriend Nathan Griffith went to work when she wanted company, Jenelle went to seek help and was given several tests.

“Blood test, chest x-ray, breathing treatment, and EMT [EKG] test. :( ugh!" she said.

"But no fever?!" Evans added, perplexed and maybe even incredulous. "Weird."

“'I guess it's a viral infection, u can go home with no medicine now.' Are u serious?! Only been coughing since I been here... #Confused,” she later said.

Never one to leave us hanging, Jenelle Evans added, “im not in f- ing pain... I just keep coughing and it's annoying. God... I'm not always looking for pain meds.”

While it's still unclear what's ailing her - or if she really expects us to believe she wasn't looking to score meds - she may want to lay off the cigarettes.

And the marijuana. Just an idea, Jenelley.

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I have zero sympathy for anyone who is a smoker and complains about / seeks treatment for throat and coughing ailments. Stop smoking!!! Geez.


If I could describe Jenelle Evans with one word, that word would be, RETARDED!

@ Michael

If I could describe you with one word; that word would be: Ignorant. I would never defend this waste of space, but I will defend the countless number of people on this planet, like me, who struggle with genetic or chromosomal defects that can cause intellectual disabilities, and cognitive or learning impairments. To use the "r" word to describe a perfectly typical idiot, is insulting to the many of us who have to work extra hard to learn.


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