Biracial Cheerios Commercial Receives Hate-Filled Backlash

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What happens when an adorable little girl asks her mother if Cheerios are as healthy for you as her father claims them to be?

Well... when the girl in question is biracial, YouTube is sadly forced to shut down its Comments section because Internet users drop references to "Nazis," "troglodytes" and "racial genocide."

Fortunately, the ad itself is still live and making non-bigots smile.

Watch it here:


well, americans are used to it..........SUE THEM!!


Just realize - this is on YouTube. YouTube comments are FILLED with nonsense, racism and foul language. It's a troll community.


I think this is the cutest thing ever...I think everyone is missing the point's not the color of their skin people it's the fact that the little girl is concerned for her father and wants him to be healthy..I have 2 stepchildren that are biracial and I love them 2 prices prices and I also have 4 children of my own and I teach my kids not to treat anyone any different just cause the color of their skin and that's how it should all technicality are we not all biracial just some people look more biracial then others... people in society now a days need to stop looking at people's skin and start looking people's heart...what does this teach our children now a days


The little girl is currently being labeled by society based on her physical appearance. As she gets older she can self identify as she chooses. It is too bad so many people have made such hateful comments.


Dear Hollywood Gossip, Why are you only labelling the child as African American? She is bi racial which means she is just as much Caucasian as she is black! 50/50, she would have DNA frm both parents if one was black and one white. Why did you only identify her with the father's race? I'm mixed and I identify with both my parents. My friends daughter looks like this little girl and her mother is white...she can be Causasian as well.


I think the point is the little girl is biracial. Not African American.

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