Biracial Cheerios Commercial Receives Hate-Filled Backlash

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What happens when an adorable little girl asks her mother if Cheerios are as healthy for you as her father claims them to be?

Well... when the girl in question is biracial, YouTube is sadly forced to shut down its Comments section because Internet users drop references to "Nazis," "troglodytes" and "racial genocide."

Fortunately, the ad itself is still live and making non-bigots smile.

Watch it here:

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All this is? It's one more effort from a corporation to try to tap into what they think can pull in a Buck! The media would love to make you feel as if the world is on the verge of having a "BUTTERSCOTCH" race. Fact- MIXED race divorce rate is higher than the national average. Mixed race abuse is higher than the national average. I just love the way the AMERICAN Society labels an emotion as LOVE! I'm horny, I want to screw him- MUST BE LOVE! My DADDY abandoned my Mother and me and I'm bitter then I found this BLACK GUY who needs a white woman on his arm- MUST BE LOVE? People are so damn stupid! Chances are if you are BI-RACIAL then you are associated DIRECTLY with someone who has some real issues! The wonderful thing for all of us is that you yourself will have some real issues! Please- give me a break with this "CERTIFICATION" you desire to call love! Name me one - just one Bi-racial couple who has lasted! All this mindset is- another way for someone to have there TEMPORARY FUN! All in the name of love. BS BS BS !


Black males have 6-8 times the hiv incidence rate of white males -FACT (CDC) alot of white women these days will spread their legs for anything,tijuanna donkey shows anyone ?? White chicks will pull a black train for her happy pills or dope.Don't feel to special 'gers. if this were a realistic commercial the white woman in said ad would be at the very least 250lbs...and im being generous there.

@ Blaine

Your fact has no relevance here. The rest is just you being hateful and racist. I hope you don't have any children and don't ever plan to. People like you should be sterilized and sent to a far off island with no way off to live out the rest of your life.

@ binipped

It's a natural 21st century fact! White women's reputation is HORRIBLE! Porn Stars, Realty Stars, Teenage pregnancy stars. A generation ago white males looked at white women as something that was special. Today- its impossible to even defend this "Open Legged" gender. The worst part about it is the longer this goes on the more "All White Men" will lose respect for any of them. This is the hole they have dug and once the reputation goes it will reflect on all of them. Many races can't even support their own women but I'll be damned if they can't find their way to the white woman. there she waits, open arms & legs and she never sees the "GAME" coming.


Here's an idea. How about no more labels? Human beings: man woman, child. That's it.


I find it funny as heck that in 2013, we still have so many butthurt, crybaby, dorky, virgin loser white guys who get so pissed when they see a beautiful white women with a black man. I mean seriously, you have to be a total failure at life, a completely useless waste of space, a deadend racist burnout idiot to get so mad and have a hissyfit because a small number of white women would rather be in a loving relationship with a black man instead of you. Maybe if these trailerpark, meth-smoking, old pickup truck driving, dummies got their life together, they wouldn't feel so threatened and insecure about something that doesn't concern them. Lol, losers mad over a woman they don't even know dating whoever she chooses to.smdh.


Bigots are a filthy breed of degenerates who are best left in the ashes of the past, gratefully forgotten. And to the moron who made the comment concerning niggers and liberals, thanks for letting us know what kind of degenerates the right represents, freedom of speech notwithstanding.


Just another attempt by the guilt-ridden-leftist-media to push black males on white females.This has been going on for decades..not surprising at all.Just like all of the violent rape and crime commited by black perps against white folks that NY TIMES and the rest of the lefties refuse to print because it doesn't fit their agenda or narrative.The average white girl these days is socially engineered from an early age to accept and think highly of those who are diverse from her (non-whites) and not have any esteem or sense of pride in her own race THAT is why you see all of this interracial trash going on.


I'm BLACK and I'm tired of these mixed race mutts being identified as BLACK!
Give those things their own race and's not cute nor is it the norm to see these things on or off TV....even animals know to stay with their own kind!

@ Pro-Black

Dogs mix breeds all of the time, so do other speicies. That analogy just went against your bigotry.

@ Pro-Black

You must be pro ignorant. Fuckin monkey


Lolololol bigots are a dying breed, left to scower the internet keeping there pitiful genes to themselves, or in the south with there sisters.

@ internet thugs

Dying breed? You have got to be kidding. You must be gay because you need the interracial movement to help you with your cause. Freaking idiot. You are an Obama misfit. Anyone who doesnt agree with you is a racist- bigot or homophobe. Where have you been- in a college classroom?


Enough already with the nigger/white family and trying to make it appear that it's normal. It's sickening. Niggers should stay with niggers and white folk should stay with white folk. And if you don't like what I wrote, tough. Get a life you liberal ass.


She's not " African american", she's black. I don't see the problem w/the commercial. Please stop referring to blacks as "African Americans", or former slaves, or their parents were slaves, etc. NONE of that is true.

@ barnaby james

I feel so sorry for people like you.

@ Jersey

Sorry that was for he comment above u