Five-Year-Old Sticks it to Westboro Baptist Church With "Lemonade For Peace" Stand Outside

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A five-year-old girl decided to set up a lemonade stand dedicated to peace on Earth - right outside the Westboro Baptist Church compound in Kansas.

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    To me, that 5-year-old girl seems very wise beyond her years...which is more than I can say for those insufferable Westboro Baptist Church jackasses!!!!! And that WBC calling those group of soldiers "bastards" proves to me that those WBC assholes are the REAL BASTARDS!!!!! Those soldiers (and many, many other soldiers) defend our country EVERY DAY...24/7 AND BEYOND!!!!! What have those WBC nothings done? Let me see...NOTHING!!!!! Nothing but spread and throw their hate, hatred and misery around. And Labgirl said it PERFECTLY...that WBC is filled with nothing but LUNATICS!!!!! Beyond pathetic. One final thing: ALL MILITARY SOLDIERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!


    I don't really believe this church is right for doing that and I'm baptist ,People Twist Jesus words around to make it convient for them instead of sending the right message , All through the bible Jesus teaches us Love , Compassion , How can you reach people if you don't have love ?People who call themselves Christian can really be Judgmental and hateful and not even realize , Its really sad. Don't get me wrong Preach what's in the bible but do it in a loving not in a hateful way .


    good girl! yea for peace!!


    Good for her, the WBC church is certainly NOT taught by the bible. They can pretend all they want. They are filled with hatred this church is purely the church of satan. Anyone who finds joy by picketing our military funerals and constanly calling everyone a fag that is not christianity... This church and the leaders are lunatics


    the heathen use their kiddies as angels of light, slick ad promo. WBC are the best bible aficianados in the land, and i thought i was good.

    @ bibledoctor

    what do you mean leaders ?

    @ bibledoctor

    remember when our lord spilt the people in two and you have helped my brothers. feed them, gave them water, shelter, clothes and welcomed them in his arms. and the others you have done nothing to help my brothers. be gone. thats you. he is not asking you to fight his battles. just remember his words. love and forgiveness regardless of who they are or what they done because if you cant have forgiveness in your heart how can god forgive your sins?

    @ bibledoctor

    that reply to abe was for you bibledoctor. me and my lord will talk love and forgiveness while you and your hate loving group can stay right where you belong and it's not with us


    say thanks to her mom & dad for this Naive acting!!

    @ abe

    yea. no they are not Jesus never said anything bout hate. just " forgive them father, for they not know what they do" don't see anything bout him standing outside a roman's camp yelling "my father hates soldiers or gays"

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