Farrah Abraham on Kim Kardashian: I Outshine Her (and I'm Smarter Too)!

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Farrah Abraham doesn't take well to Kim Kardashian comparisons. Mostly because she considers herself smarter, brighter and superior in every way.

Farrah Freaks Out
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The Back Door Teen Mom said in an interview that she hates being likened to Kim because she “outshines” her in all aspects of life and is more intelligent.

“I definitely feel it’s an unfair comparison,” Farrah said. “I have been very successful with other things in my life besides just being a reality TV star.”

Yes, that's a real quote to New Jersey’s Metropolis Nights magazine.

In Farrah Abraham's mind, she totes “outshines” Kim Kardashian in every facet of life, not the least of which being their respective, personal relationships.

“I have books and other things that outshine Kim Kardashian,” she says. “I feel I just outshine her when it comes to both our personal and professional lives."

"That’s why I don’t like being compared to her,” Abraham adds.

“We’re two really different people. I don’t for see myself getting married more than once. I don’t see myself making the same choices that she has made."

"Good or bad, I just feel I’m going to be a smarter person.”

OUCH! Served, Kim! You've got nothing on this girl!!

At least Kim can take solace in the fact that Farrah is equally unimpressed by James Deen - as a person as well as a sexual performance artiste.

“When it comes to sexual performance I definitely need more than that,” she says of her co-star. “He isn’t as good as it may seem in the video.”

She also previously claimed he has a small unit, which is, well, a bit hard to believe for a man in his line of work ... Farrah is also a pathological liar.

As for her own performance, despite her egomania and elaborate plot to make bank as a porn star, Farrah says she's so much more than a porn star!

“I am not all about sex!” she says. “That is what people really think because that’s all people want to talk to me about. I’m more focused on life than my crotch.”

Or drinking the stagnant douche agua, as someone might put it.

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Go far away Whorse! #desperate


In order to be the better person she would have to be the bigger person and stfu. But instead she hits every media outlet she can. Just like with the Charlie Sheen mess, she leaked the text messages from him trying to be relevant. She failed to realize that being tied to Charlie Sheen is not WINNING...it is FAILING miserably!!! Go away Farrah and take Kim and Kantye and all of the KarTRASHians with you...PLEASE!!!!


Thanks to "reality" TV, we have to put up with trash like this now...


This whole thing smells of Kingdom Kong.


This chick really need to sit down.She's a ugly nobody Charlie Sheen couldn't get high enough to hit that she's a Slore

@ Houstona

She's a WHORSE!

@ Houstona

Actually Charlie wanted to but she let the cat out of the bag...he trashed her and ran away with his tail tucked between his legs....make that his tiger tail LOL.


Farrah is just being a defensive little girl suffering from arrested development. You have to remember that she's still just a dumb kid...mentally speaking!"


Farrah, your one ugly women. You look like a tranny!!! Kim is a very beautiful women!! So go hide under a rock!!


Sorry to say Kim is 100% better looking and she did not need a Plastic Surgeon to get that way.


At least kim didnt get knocked up at 16 and got a reality show that way. Kim and her sister have stores and products by them also a clothing line at sears. Kim has a baby at 32 not 16 so no you are not smarter than kim.


WOW. Farrah....Why would u talk crap about Kiim being a hoe when you're the star of TEEN MOM?!? And what success are u talking about?? lol your success times 100 = to Kims.

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