Farrah Abraham: Charlie Sheen is Meaner Than Amanda Bynes!

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Farrah Abraham is firing back at Charlie Sheen following his EPIC diss of the Teen Mom-turned-porn star in a hilarious rejection letter this month.

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The back story: Farrah reached out to Charlie about a role on Anger Management, and/or a playdate with their young kids. He seemed receptive.

Then she shared their entire text message exchange with TMZ, every other celebrity gossip site picked it up, and the Warlock was pissssssed.

Sheen wrote a scathing letter calling Farrah a "desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua" with "tranny-boobs" and "five o'clock shadow," and so on.

We know from the Farrah Abraham porn that she can handle stripping down, but how did she handle that dressing down at the hands of the actor?

"I really don't even care," she said. "That's coming from someone so old and he needs to get his stuff together. I honestly don't even care."

"Anything he said doesn't really even make sense to me."

No? We have a pretty good idea of what he was driving at.

Abraham shot down rumors that the planned meet-up might have been romantic in nature: "I would never go on an intimate date with Charlie Sheen."

"He is really not my type. He's meaner than Amanda Bynes."

And just as unabashedly vocal when provoked, no doubt.

Sheen also re-tweeted this fan's message: "George Carlin would be proud of your epic slam of Backdoor Teen Mom. That rabbit picked a fight with a grizzly bear."

That she did, as his rejection letter made fully clear.

No response yet from Farrah ... or Amanda.

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Farrah needs to know Charlie Sheen's message to her was "nice" considering how arrogant and nasty he could have been. She needs to keep her mouth closed cuz the next time Charlie comes at her verbally she will be In Tears. Farrah knows she's a Skank Whore and no one minds telling her so


........she was in his bedroom?


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