Evelyn Lozada Bloody Head Photo Released; Chad Johnson Out of Jail

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A never-before-seen photo of Evelyn Lozada's bloody head has surfaced just as Chad Johnson has been released from jail for violating his probation.

The former NFL star head-butted is then-wife so hard last year that he left her with a major gash on her forehead, as shown in this TMZ picture ...

Evelyn Lozada Bloody Head

The photos were taken by Davie, Fla., police in the emergency room where Evelyn Lozada was transported following Chad's attack on August 11, 2012.

Officials said the forehead laceration measured three inches.

Johnson was arrested for domestic violence shortly after the explosive argument at his Jupiter, Fla., home. Evelyn filed for divorce three days later.

She went through with it too. They're officially over.

The former Ocho pleaded "no contest" to the domestic violence charge and was sentenced to 12 months probation and domestic violence classes.

He was thrown back in the slammer after slapping his lawyer's ass during a probation hearing, in which the judge called the head gash photos "horrific."

Explains why she wasn't in a joking mood when Chad pulled his stunt, even if many feel she overreacted by jailing the athlete for 30 days over it.


I luv evelyn...


That's what happens when you're a bully!!! The show is not Chad and Evelyn Show!!!! When you have threesomes with your man, how much respect you think you are going to get? All the cryin and stuff is fake!!!! You back with him so get over yourself foooo!!! Yea you..... Evelyn


Seriously!! Yeah that is not a head butt injury!! What kind of crackhead story! I think she was acting crazy(justifiably so), wilin out and hit her head on something!! That's what happened

@ Vivian

Amen sister! NOT a head butt injury...but I probably would have acted the same way if my hubby had condoms in his car which were obviously not for us to use TOGETHER.


Ive been an ER nurse for 5 years, so it's hard for me to believe that her gash came from a head butt...looks to me like something very sharp had to cause that injury.


This was what she was trying to do to chicks on BBW. She ended up getting it done to her. Not so funny now is it boo boo.


While these pics are indeed shocking, what's more shocking is that this is the type of injury Evelyn tried to deliberately do to another woman by throwing a bottle at her face... Bullies sometimes meet their match and it surprises them


I find the release of these pics highly suspicious , Evelyn is behind it and it coincides with Ochos release from jail. I think she realizes that she is not relevant and needs to generate publicity for BBW or else it's gonna get canceled . This woman has no off switch, she will do anything. And I agree, Chad was undoubtably trying to defend himself from this violent , feeble minded lunatic !


What a coincidence ... This stinks! Still don't feel sorry for her , she's tooo violent and out of control & I think she instigated the fight and he defended himself. She is like a wild animal when she fights ...

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