Dr. Drew to Amanda Bynes: Sorry, Just Trying to Help!

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Dr. Drew Pinsky is clarifying a recent Tweet he wrote which received a harsh rebuke from Amanda Bynes, saying he was only trying to show support.

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The TV host told E! News last night that he was merely reaching out in a bid to offer her help and that "it may be time to leave @AmandaBynes alone."

"What I meant was, I had been receiving literally thousands of emails demanding I help Amanda Bynes," he explained. "I don't know Amanda Bynes."

"She's never asked me for help, nor have her people; she lives 3,000 miles away."

"I was just responding to that saying, 'Look guys, leave her alone; if she needs help, hopefully she'll get help one day before something bad happens.'"

The TV personality thought he was being supportive for saying the troubled actress should be left alone, but realizes his comments put Bynes on defense.

"Just the idea of help upset her, and I apologize Amanda," he said.

"It was not my intent; I thought I was being supportive."

Dr. Drew, who often finds himself in the mix when it comes to Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans and other Teen Mom drama, did add one caveat, however.

"Social media is not helping Amanda Bynes," he added.

Do you agree? Entertaining as it is to read her rants about Miley Cyrus, Drake and Cher, do you think Twitter may actually be hurting the actress?

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What I don't understand is why everyone keeps apologizing to this nut job just because she calls them ugly. Honestly she is either on drugs or has lost it, plain and simple. Calling everyone ugly is like fighting with a 5 year old and they can't come up with anything better to insult you with, who cares.


This drug infested nut job should be so lucky to have someone like Dr. Drew to offer support to her dumbass.

@ Ms+Billie

You're an idiot to assume such nonsense about someone you do not know. Really, it's appalling how many assumptions get thrown up into the air because of this poison that is the media. In the most polite of fashions, go fuck yourself.


She is a nutjob and needs help.

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