Debbie Rowe Will NOT Seek Paris Jackson Guardianship ... Yet

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Debbie Rowe is not feuding with the Jackson family and is not planning to wrestle away legal guardianship of Paris Jackson, despite reports to the contrary.

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Unless the situation changes drastically, she will make no such overtures, because she has too much respect for Michael's wishes, his mother and his kids.

She'd be willing to step in under certain circumstances, but it's not her wish.

Rowe doesn't want to split up MJ's three children (two of whom she is the biological mother of) and "likes and respects" Katherine Jackson, their grandmother.

This is all way too logical and clear-headed for a Jackson family article.

Debbie is also said to be a big fan of TJ Jackson, Michael's nephew and the children's co-guardian, though she worries he has too much on his plate.

He has a family of his own to care for on top of Michael's kids, so that's a real concern, though for the moment there is no imminent change coming.

As for Debbie Rowe and Paris' relationship, she calls Debbie "Mom" and they behave as mother and daughter - with Debbie the unquestioned boss.

According to sources cited by TMZ, she is often "laying down the law" and not afraid to show her little girl tough love when she feels it's necessary.

While Paris Jackson is welcome to stay and live with her, Debbie doesn't want to split her up from Prince and Blanket, her older and younger brothers.

The latter, in particular, is vulnerable and feels abandoned.

All sounds like she's thought this through carefully and with the best of intentions, which makes one wonder why there is such backlash against her.

Michael's brothers and sisters - with the exception of Janet Jackson - have been on a campaign against Debbie being part of Paris' life in any way.

Might be just what she needs though, right?

You tell us: Debbie as guardian ...


Paris Jackson should seek emancipation and live as an emancipated teen with the money she inherited from her late father, Michael Jackson. None of the adults around her care about her at all.


Didn't she sell her kids for millions of dollars and not want to be involved with their lives? Is there more $$$$ to be made for Debbie? Do these people realize what they have done? Didn't they think at the time about how this would affect these kids when they grew up? Sickens me....


Debbie and Michael had an agreement in which she was not to have anything to do with the decision making for those kids. Debbie is apparently doing the honorable thing by trying to stay out of this and respect Michael's wishes, I applaud her for this. That has to be very hard as she is the biological mother and Michael gone. It's good to hear she doesn't have a problem stepping up when needed. I have no doubt she will be there to help with those kids including Blanket. She's the type of woman that would not make a difference in those kids whether her biological child or not. All she is seeing is a child is in need of help.

@ Ms+Billie

Mj is dead get over it somebody needs to b a voice for these kids Debbie is their mom it's that simple I hope she is doing the right thing


It looks like Rowe doesn't have enough LOVE in her to be a guardian for her 2 birth kids. Now, what kind of a mother doesn't that make her?Maybe she just doesn't want to PAY for the court costs and would rather SAVE all that money for herself, and her RANCH.That is one PURE EXCUSE for a loving mother. Someone should just ASK those kids WHO they want to LIVE with,they are old enough to TALK.

@ Geronimo

I think you are so very wrong about Debbie she is trying to stay within the agreement she made with Michael as well as respect his wishes about his children. No one can fault her for that not even you.


I don't think Debbie ever wanted the role of mother and never expected it to be required of her with these kids. I can't imagine anyone would be thrilled to take on a mentally troubled teenager.

@ netsurfer

You very well may be right about Debbie when she and Michael split although they did have an agreement that she was to never have anything to say or do involving these kids. If I remember correctly they made this agreement prior to their marriage. She was basically a surrogate mother for Michael. As for taking on a mentally troubled teenager it's a world of difference when that teenager is your own blood/biological child. Even though she hasn't been in Paris' life it's obvious she has a mother's instinct and willing to step up if and when she's needed.

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